Welcome to the first-ever Stakedrop Learn & Earn campaign on StakingRewards.com!

      We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with AssetMantle to bring 450K $MNTL to the Staking Rewards HEARTS community.

      Who is eligible to claim the Stakedrop?

      • Users on Staking Rewards with 100+ HEARTS tokens
      • A minimum of 0.1 $ATOM staked on your provided Cosmos address
      • Alternatively, you can be staking the equivalent of 0.1 $ATOM of any of the following assets: $CMDX, $XPRT, $JUNO, $LUNA, and $STARS
      • Fill out the questionnaire after claiming\

      What is Learn & Earn?

      It is simple, educational, and rewarding.

      By just having HEARTS in your Staking Rewards account and then answering a few questions in our specified questionnaire, eligible HEARTS holders and $ATOM stakers on Staking Rewards will be rewarded with 450K $MNTL, with at least 225 $MNTL per person (and potentially much more)!

      Step-by-step video tutorial on how to claim

      Your step-by-step guide to claiming

      1. Earn HEARTS on your Staking Rewards account (to earn, read on)
      2. Claim the AssetMantle Stakedrop in the Staking Rewards shop
      3. Copy the provided link and fill out the questionnaire
      4. Stake at least 0.1 $ATOM on your provided Cosmos address

      How many eligible spots?

      2,000 eligible claims (1 per person only)

      What happens if some spots remain unclaimed?

      Any remaining tokens from unclaimed spots will be proportionally distributed to the claimants. SO potentially each claimant will receive a much higher amount of $MNTL, depending on the total number of claimants and their score in the questionnaire.

      E.g. if only 1,000 spots will be claimed, then the individual amount of $MNTL per user would be 450 instead of 225.

      If you complete all questions in the questionnaire correctly, but others do not, then you would also receive proportionally more $MNTL.

      So how does this all work?

      Once a user redeems 100 HEARTS in the HEARTS store for the stakedrop, they will be redirected to complete the Learn & Earn Questionnaire.

      The user will automatically unlock 60% of their $MNTL allocation for redeeming the HEARTS and providing their Cosmos address in the form. It is essential that this address is provided and the account is staking a min of 0.1 $ATOM.

      The remaining 40% of allocation will be prorated based on the correctness of their questionnaire answers.

      180,000 $MNTL, 40% of the total 450,000 $MNTL, is dedicated to the Learn & Earn portion of the Campaign. There will be 10 questions on the questionnaire, each correct answer gives the user 1 point. We will sum all points earned and divide 180,000 $MNTL by the total amount of points earned. This will reveal the amount of $MNTL awarded per point. It is also important to note that if all 2,000 spots are not claimed, a portion of the 60% $MNTL will be rolled into the Learn to Earn side of the Campaign, making correct answers in the questionnaire even more valuable. If there are wrong answers this will also make a correct answer (point) more valuable as well. Following the logic here, the total individual value of the Stakedrop could be worth more than originally estimated. To reiterate, it is important to complete the questionnaire to the best of your abilities.

      When is the campaign start date?

      The campaign will start on March 15th at 5.00 am EST

      How long will the campaign run?

      It will run until April 8th at 5.00 am EST

      When will I receive my $MNTL?

      The AssetMantle team will distribute the tokens at the end of the campaign at the end of the campaign post the Token Generation Event (TGE)

      How many HEARTS tokens do I need to claim my $MNTL on StakingRewards.com?

      Only 100 HEARTS!!

      How can I earn HEARTS to be eligible for the Stakedrop?

      In order to increase your HEARTS balance, you can complete the following actions on the Staking Rewards platform:


      • Daily Check In = +10 HEARTS
      • You vote on Staking Rewards = +10 HEARTS
      • You win a bull and bear game = +19 HEARTS

      On Provider Profiles:

      • Your question gets upvoted = +10 HEARTS (2 upvotes min)
      • Your answer gets upvoted = +50 HEARTS (5th and 10th upvote)
      • Your review gets upvoted = +50 HEARTS (5th and 10th upvote)

      For more on HEARTS, read here.

      What else can I do with my HEARTS?

      The $MNTL Stakedrop Learn & Earn is one example of many perks for the Staking Rewards HEARTS community. While we are offering 4 different perks, including Staking Rewards merch, as of today, HEARTS holders can expect further utility and perks soon.

      Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements, and make sure to get your HEARTS ready for the next campaigns.

      The next confirmed campaign will go live on Monday for stake.fish merch and Ledger Nano X.

      About AssetMantle

      Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have experienced massive adoption within music, gaming, collectibles, and more. Even though NFTs have gained significant traction in recent years, AssetMantle believes that only the surface has been scratched of what’s possible. At AssetMantle, through the unique set of NFT focused solutions, the team is determined to be an innovation hub for creators, their respective works, and the marketplaces they are traded on.

      AssetMantle is a comprehensive and interoperable NFT ecosystem & marketplace framework that provides value far beyond what is typically offered within the non-fungible space. By implementing interchain NFT standards, NFT investors (and their assets) will be able to transition between multiple blockchain ecosystems and enjoy quality creator tools with meager mintage costs.

      Some of AssetMantle’s additional functionality includes:

      • Fractionalized ownership
      • NFT Decentralized Exchange
      • Multi-Wallet Support
      • Customizable storefronts
      • Multichain NFT Transfers
      • Customizable NFT Metadata
      • Transaction Efficiency

      Learn more about AssetMantle’s features here.

      About Staking Rewards

      Staking Rewards is the central information hub and leading data aggregator for cryptocurrency staking.

      We provide insights and investment tools for private and institutional investors through unbiased and live staking market data, simplifying portfolio & calculator tools, and deep research analysis about the staking industry. Our API feed is being used by companies like Coinbase and Bitcoin Suisse. Founded in 2018, we’re the first and most trusted brand in staking.

      At Staking Rewards we believe that cryptocurrencies combined with yield-bearing strategies like staking will allow everyone in the world to establish sustainable passive income streams.

      This is why we’re on a mission to increase transparency, reduce entry-barriers and enable users to become financially independent.

      Disclaimer: Staking Rewards and/or AssetMantle reserves the right to not distribute any tokens should either party notice any cheating or gaming of the system whatsoever. Furthermore, at no point shall Staking Rewards and/or AssetMantle be liable for claims regarding any Stakedrop issuance concerns or issues. The issuance of $MNTL will be conducted on a best faith and best effort basis in accordance with the requirements outlined above.

      About The Author

      Staking Rewards Research

      is a team of analysts dedicated to analyzing the economics, profitability, risks, and yield potential of various cryptocurrencies.