The world’s first-ever in-person, crypto-agnostic, staking conference

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      Proof of Stake has taken the crypto space by storm. With Ethereum moving to PoS, the relevance of mining will now be limited to Bitcoin. Staking is officially one of the key narratives for the blockchain space beyond Bitcoin. Driving the development of crypto means driving the development of Staking and Proof of Stake. 

      Unfortunately, many conversations and discussions around Staking are siloed up in their respective ecosystems. Our mission is to change that. Welcome, to The Staking Summit!

      What is the Staking Summit?

      Staking is maturing and getting ready for institutional adoption. At the Staking Summit, we are bringing the entire Staking ecosystem together for a full-day staking conference of in-person networking, keynotes, and panels with tons of opportunities to collaborate, learn, and meet the people behind the protocols.

      Discover the cutting-edge staking and governance challenges, novelties, and solutions. Together we will advance the staking industry and craft the PoS story.

      The Summit will feature the top PoS protocols, validators, investors, and staking experts across all blockchains and ecosystems for the first time ever!

      Where will it be?

      The Staking Summit will be held at the LX Factory in Lisbon. 

      The LX Factory is a public area with artsy stores, restaurants, and bars in an old industrial complex just outside the main city center. We have rented 2 large venue halls there. One hall will be filled with a stage and 300 chairs. The other hall will be separated into a networking area, a working area, sponsor booths, food, and a DJ.

      The after-party (available for VIP Tickets) will be held at the same venue later in the evening.

      When will it happen?

      The Summit will happen on November 8th, 2022. Starting in the morning we will dedicate the entire day to conversations, discussions, keynotes, and networking. 

      The Summit is a part of the overarching blockchain months in Lisbon at that time. Events such as ETHLisbon, Web Summit, NEARCon, and Solana Breakpoint are happening in the weeks leading up to the Summit.

      What topics will be discussed at the Summit?

      We will cover a broad range of topics centered around Staking and Proof of Stake, clustered around the macro landscape, protocols, validators, and venture capital in the space.

      Macro topics will reflect on the development of the Staking industry to date and will look into the future ahead for us all. We will discuss the positioning of Staking in the global financial realm, and how to classify/treat stakeable tokens as an asset class. Our goal is to refine the story around Proof of Stake, and our pitch to institutional investors as an industry.

      On the protocol level, we will explore staking economics, design tradeoffs, and their implications on decentralization as well as the sustainability of the networks. Furthermore, liquid staking, and delegation behavior will be a key discussion point. 

      We will especially foster the concourse of protocols and validators. 

      Validator topics will be focused on best practices and challenges around running a validation business. We will dig into the importance of governance participation and strategies that Staking Providers can apply to stay on top of their game. 

      The legal challenges of validators, as well as the taxation of validation revenue, will be major topics at the Summit. We also expect MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) to be a key issue discussed there.

      Discussions around Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) will shed light on the future of the validation business.

      We will also feature discussions on the role of VCs in the Staking space.

      Expecting most crypto VCs to become key players in the Staking ecosystem, we will discuss strategies and projections around delegations, white label solutions, and building up self-hosted validator expertise.

      Apart from that, we will feature discussions around home staking and the challenges of building a compelling Staking UX in wallets.

      If you have any ideas or suggestions for topics that you would like to have covered, please let us know directly on Discord.

      Which speakers will be there?

      Speakers will be key opinion leaders, experts, and innovators in the Staking Space across the top PoS protocols.

      We have an exciting lineup planned including entities such as Figment, Finoa, Kiln, Polygon, and Coinbase Cloud, and are looking forward to announcing the first batch of speakers very soon. Stay tuned for the announcements on our Twitter!

      What is the history of this event? 

      We have always had the ambition to foster discussions and conversations around Proof of Stake. As the market-leading data aggregator for Staking, we are in a unique position to bring together all ecosystem participants and drive constructive dialogue together. Especially since we are not affiliated with any special protocols or validators. 

      In 2021, we did just that when we hosted the virtual Staking Summit in 2021. The likes of Blockdaemon, Figment, Chorus One, and Staking Facilities joined us to discuss the latest trends in Staking in a full-day virtual summit.

      After the success of the last year’s online version, we have decided to bring this to the next level with this year’s edition in person in the amazing LX Factory in Lisbon.

      What is your track record for an event of this size?

      While this is the first in-person conference that Staking Rewards is hosting, we have a team dedicated to making this the best (network-agnostic) Summit ever.

      As the market leader for staking data & research, we have a strong track record of driving the network-agnostic discussion around Staking. Agenda & formats are courtesy of our Research & Content Team.

      For the event organization, we have partnered with an event agency that has hosted multiple renowned (blockchain) conferences in and outside of Lisbon. We are in great hands!

      What will it be like?

      We will kick things off in the morning at 9 am in the LX Factory. 

      Protocols, VCs, and validators alike will tune in from around the world to learn, network, and plan. We expect heated discussions and debates, as well as thought-leading insights into the industry around Staking.

      At the venue, there will be a dedicated working space, to sit down and be productive if you need. Alternatively, you can take meetings in the restaurants around LX Factory, too.

      We’ll serve snacks and drinks throughout the day up until 6 pm in the evening to keep the energy high. 

      While the doors will remain open, we will take a break to get some dinner before starting an outstanding after-party with a surprise guest who is set to join us. 

      Doors will open at ~10 pm and we’ll be raving and rocking until 3 am!

      What type of audience will be there?

      We are limiting the tickets to 500 attendees with over 200 tickets having been claimed already so be quick if you want to join! The event is invite-only so that we can ensure a high-quality, relevant audience for all attendees.

      We expect the majority of attendees to be from various staking protocols, validators, VCs, and others building staking-related products.

      We also wish to involve those people who stake themselves from home individually.

      How to get tickets?

      Tickets on sale to the public are limited so be sure to get yours before they sell out! Get your tickets here.

      Feel free to refer your friends in the industry, and we will make sure to reserve some surprises for you at the Summit.

      How much does it cost to attend? 

      Tickets are reasonably priced because we know it will be expensive to travel, stay and join us.

      For general attendance (for the daytime event only), the cost is €65.

      For VIP (for both the daytime event and after-party), the cost is €125. 

      Snacks are included in both, as are refreshments throughout the day and into the night!

      Can we sponsor and get one of the 10 available booths?

      You sure can! We are still looking for partners to sponsor the Summit and to get involved in the planning as well. There are 6 slots still available. If interested, you can fill out this form and we’ll be in touch. 

      Where should I stay?

      The LX Factory is based in Alcântara so somewhere nearby is recommended but the venue is easily accessible from any city-center hotel or AirBNBs.  We recommend Uber/Bolt to get around the city easily.

      Are there any side events? 

      If you are interested in hosting one, let us know and we’ll advertise it for you.

      Where can I keep up to date?

      You can keep up to date on the Staking Summit landing page

      About The Authors

      Mirko Schmiedl

      is the CEO & Co-Founder at Staking Rewards. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 class and raised over $4M to advance Staking Rewards on its mission to make Staking easy for everyone.

      David Walsh

      is the Head of Sales and Partnerships at Staking Rewards