Our research team has screened and vetted over 260 assets on Staking Rewards’ website. The result: 108 assets have been delisted in the last 6 months as they fail to meet predefined standards, outlined below.

      Staking Rewards has a team of researchers and code developers who review every asset integration request. We strive to find the best applications of blockchain technologies that enhance community participation and build on ecosystem utility. 

      With a host of new features coming soon (we don’t want to spoil any surprises), we have set out to only integrate assets which we deem to be of high quality. 

      How Do We Define a High Quality Asset?

      We look at an asset’s probability to succeed and their long-term benefit to the crypto market. We consider whether the asset is likely to gain significant traction, appreciate in value, increase in daily trading volume, and whether they’re backed and supported by reputable providers and VCs. 

      Any current and new integrations will be backed by our research panel and our users can be assured that we have done proper due diligence on them.

      Asset and Provider Integrations: Quality Over Quantity

      How are we expected to provide our users with the best quality and real alpha if we don’t truly believe in some of these projects ourselves? Our research team paneled this question at our recent company retreat in Algarve, Portugal. After a long week of planning, setting objectives and working from sunrise till sunset; a rigid, fair and transparent process has been outlined to vet all current and future assets against rigorous quality checks.

      Thus, we have reduced the number of integrations by 108 assets in the last 6 months. Some of you might wonder where your favorite assets have gone, and we are here to explain our criteria so that it’s clear for everyone going forward.

      Integration Criteria

      Any stakeable asset with a market cap greater than $100 million will remain integrated on our site if it was not vetoed by our research team, and these assets have been split into 3 tiers: namely Tier 1, 2 and 3. These tiers are currently purely for internal use, but we have some exciting new features related to this which we will be able to share with you in the future.

      Any stakeable asset with a market cap below $100 million, or assets that do not have any native staking, have been reviewed by our team of experts.

      Delisting Factors

      Our decision to delist certain assets was based on a number of factors.

      • Recent user engagement on our website
      • Quality and potential impact of the project to sustainably solve new problems (instead of just copying what others have already done)
      • Whether the project is relevant or outdated
      • Whether the project is backed and supported by reputable providers and VCs 

      For any assets not yet integrated on stakingrewards.com, the same criteria will be used to decide whether they are eligible for integration or not.

      The Axe Has Fallen

      Therefore, it is our (dis)pleasure to announce that we have delisted 108 assets.

      We can focus on integrating only those assets that we believe have greater potential for success; and therefore make our integrations far more valuable for all of you.

      About The Author

      Allan Wojnowski

      is the Senior Researcher and Data Analyst at Staking Rewards. After 4 years of TradFi Trading Experience, Allan turned to the Crypto world to add more excitement to his life. Passionate about DeFi and the opportunities it presents.