We are glad to announce a partnership with Avascan to bring the best-in-class data for Avalanche (AVAX) to our website.

      Staking Rewards is now using the Avascan API in order to provide real-time and most accurate staking and validator data.

      We will together explore further opportunities to enhance the data quality around Avalanche Staking.

      What is Avascan?

      Avalanche is a network of blockchains: such a complex platform requires an easy way to browse it. Blockchains, transactions, validators, delegators, assets, and smart contracts are all part of the same picture. The Avascan explorer is the answer: designed to be a one-stop-shop, it allows users to browse, and developers to build on its APIs.

      Some key facts about Avascan:

      • Fast: according to PageSpeed Insights, it ranks an average score of 98. The first content is available in 2 seconds on average.
      • Zero-knowledge: Avascan retains zero personal data about individual users: zero cookies, no IP logging.
      • APIs: Avascan saves you the hassle of retrieving and manipulating blockchain data so that you can focus on building your thing. The APIs are under heavy development, new endpoints and docs will be released regularly in the coming weeks.
      • Community-oriented: Avascan is here to support developers and users. 

      How we are using the Avascan API

      Staking Rewards is using the Avascan API to get reliable access to Avalanche network data. We are especially querying all validator information such as addresses, startTime, endTime, status, delegatedWeights, delegations, capacity, and delegationFee. We are then processing the data internally, and making calculations based on the economic model of Avalanche to show staking related data and metrics. All the Validator Information can be seen here. Please note that we are consolidating multiple validators of one Provider into one entry in the list.

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