Today we are delighted to announce our partnership with ECO Stake.

      The partnership means that all Staking Rewards’ Verified Providers will be highlighted on as well as going forward. Not only that, but all Staking Rewards’ Provider Profiles in general will be linked to their Restake profile. 

      This collaboration will further Provider trust and transparency in the Cosmos ecosystem with the verification and due diligence process being conducted by an objective, third-party entity such as Staking Rewards. 

      In light of the collaboration, Eco Stake founder Tom Beynon had this to say:

      “ECO Stake is extremely excited to partner with Staking Rewards to integrate provider profiles into Staking Rewards provide insights and investment tools for the entire staking industry, and their Verified Provider initiative helps to increase trust and transparency in the industry. 

      REStake users can easily visit Staking Rewards provider profiles for each validator, and clearly see if a validator has been verified. Our partnership is just getting started, and we’ll be working together to ensure Cosmos blockchains and validators are fully supported in the Staking Rewards ecosystem. 

      I as the founder of ECO Stake was first introduced to the Cosmos ecosystem when browsing the Staking Rewards site, so we’re very excited to help bring this exposure to more Cosmos chains and crypto users.”

      Our CEO Mirko Schmiedl had this to say on the partnership:

      “Restake is an extremely useful tool that helps stakers to optimize rewards and is thus very aligned with Staking Rewards’s mission to make staking easy. I am more than excited to partner with Tom, Founder of Restake and ECO Stake. 

      We will jointly drive the adoption of Cosmos by giving users of the and the convenience and higher confidence to choose a reliable validator that complies with industry standards and best practices as indicated with the native integration of the Staking Rewards’ Verfied Provider Program.”

      To learn more about about our Verified provider program, check out our article here

      What is Restake?

      REStake is an auto-compounding tool built by ECO Stake that allows validators to auto-compound your staking earnings for you. The project is completely open source and any validator can use this tool to provide this service to their delegators.

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