Staking Rewards is pleased to announce that has joined the Verified Provider Program (VPP). This partnership will enable stakers to make more informed and transparent decisions when staking their crypto assets. aims to make it easier for individuals to access and utilize cryptocurrencies. They have developed a multi-chain platform that includes analytical tools and built-in applications to facilitate user interaction with various protocols. The company’s inclusion in the VPP is a testament to their commitment to providing reliable and high-quality staking data to their users.

      To increase trust and transparency in the staking industry, will now feature the Staking Rewards Verified Provider logo on their validator list and detail pages. This partnership will enhance the user experience on Citadel’s platform and provide their users with an additional decision-making tool to assist in selecting a reliable staking provider.

      Staking Rewards and’s users will benefit from this partnership and we look forward to working together to promote transparency and reliability in the staking industry.

      How does Staking Rewards Verify Providers?

      Due diligence is conducted on the following areas of the Provider’s operations:

      Business Operations: The legitimacy of a provider’s business, the protection of delegators, and the sustainability of their services in the dynamic crypto environment are evaluated. Special emphasis is placed on the provider’s business practices and the accuracy of the information they provide. This is deemed essential for fostering a transparent and trustworthy relationship between delegators and validators.

      Reliability: Providers are evaluated based on a range of criteria including uptime, slashing events, and other performance metrics, to determine their track record of reliability and ability to maintain consistent performance.

      Security Setup: The criteria used to evaluate a provider’s approach to key management, internal alerting, and other aspects of security are pre-determined and designed to assess the provider’s adherence to high standards of resilience and consistency in their service offerings.

      Value added services: The Value-Added Rating is a metric that evaluates the extent to which a Staking Provider contributes to the growth and development of the ecosystem and community. This rating is separate from the verification process for Staking Providers, which focuses solely on their ability to contribute to network security. We recognize the importance of providers who actively participate in ecosystem development and community building. As such, we offer the Value-Added Rating as a supplementary point of reference when making staking decisions.

      Stakers can now benefit from an additional layer of verification provided by the No.1 authority in the staking industry, Staking Rewards. Our Verified Provider Program (VPP) enables individuals to make informed and transparent decisions when staking their crypto assets. By outsourcing the due diligence process to Staking Rewards, our users can save time and effort in evaluating staking providers. For more information about the criteria used in our verification process, please refer to our VPP documentation.

      How can I find Verified Providers on

      Citadel tracks validator statistics on their Staking App, validators that are part of the program can be identified with the VPP Official checkmark:

      Verified Provider Program

      Follow the steps below to find Verified Staking Providers on app.с

      • Go to the Citadel.One App
      • Click on ‘Stake’
      • Click ‘Start Staking’
      • Click the ‘Select a node to start staking’
      • Find Verified Providers by looking for the Verified Provider logo.
      Verified Provider Program


      The Staking Rewards Verified Provider Program is an essential tool for stakers when navigating the vast and complex landscape of staking providers. It provides an additional layer of accountability and transparency, allowing stakers to make more informed and confident decisions when selecting a provider. We invite you to visit and learn more about our Verified Providers.

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