We are pleased to announce that you can now query daily close data for all metrics in the Staking Data API.

      This allows you to easily query long timeframes by just getting one value per day, so you can analyze historical data more efficiently.

      E.g. to get the daily reward rate for Ethereum, simply add the “interval: day” to the query.

      Other intervals to choose from are hour, week, month, quarter.

      Furthermore you can choose to return either first or last value of the chosen interval by specifying “pickItem: first/last”.

      For further documentation please read here: https://api-docs.stakingrewards.com/api-docs/graphql/queries/historical-data

      Sign up to get your free API key here: https://www.stakingrewards.com/staking-data-api

      About The Author

      Adam Campbell

      leads growth at Staking Rewards. He is most passionate about self-sovereignty, Web3 growth, marketing automation and community building.