We are glad to announce that we have partnered with the Persistence team for their StakeDrop Campaign.

      We will exclusively give away up to 20,000 XPRT tokens for Staking Rewards Users.

      Persistence has allocated 1% of its total token supply at genesis to be dropped to anyone who is staking ATOM, LUNA, KAVA, IRIS, DOT, MATIC, or XTZ.

      We believe this is such a noble way to engage with the Staking community.

      All you have to do is to send a “magic transaction” from your staking address and include an ERC-20 address in the memo, where you want to receive your $XPRT tokens at the end of the campaign.

      Registered Staking Rewards users will receive additional 20 XPRT tokens for participating in the StakeDrop by submitting the ERC-20 address in the Staking Rewards User Dashboard.

      Submit your “magic transaction” ERC-20 address in the User Dashboard on Staking Rewards

      Persistence is rolling out the campaigns for each network on a rolling basis. The first campaign for Cosmos (ATOM) has been concluded, and KAVA delegators can now join the second campaign. See the tutorial here.

      What is the Persistence StakeDrop?

      • StakeDrop is a distribution mechanism that allows holders of PoS network tokens to acquire XPRT simply by staking on their favorite networks.
      • 1% of the total XPRT token supply (1,000,000 XPRT) is allocated for StakeDrop rewards.
      • Reward amounts for specific participants depend on a variety of factors, including which network/s they are staking on, whether they are delegating to an AUDIT.one validator (higher rewards) or a different validator, and the length of their participation in each campaign.
      • The first StakeDrop campaign on the Cosmos Network was a full success with over 1,000 participants and nearly 1/6 of the ATOM total supply participating. More details here.

      How can I participate in the StakeDrop?

      All stakers on the seven aforementioned networks will be eligible to participate in the StakeDrop, but you must register your participation with a couple of simple steps.

      • Step 1: Stake your tokens on your chosen network.
      • Step 2: Provide proof that you are staking and provide your ERC20 wallet address (where you will be receiving your StakeDrop rewards) by sending a ‘Magic Transaction’ to the address listed on the Persistence website. More details of the process can be found here.
      • Step 3: Submit the provided ERC-20 wallet address in your Staking Rewards dashboard to get bonus tokens at the end of the campaign.

      How much can I earn in the StakeDrop?

      Everyone can receive up to 5,000 XPRT tokens within each campaign. The total amount depends on the number of participants in the StakeDrop and the duration you are staking for. Since it is unlikely to get the maximum amount, we partnered with Persistence to drop flat bonus tokens to all participants. Simply by submitting the ERC-20 address of your “magic transaction” in your Staking Rewards dashboard, you will receive a flat 20 XPRT.

      Who is eligible for the bonus 20 XPRT in the StakeDrop?

      Anyone who submits the ERC-20 address used in the memo field of the “magic-transaction” in the Staking Rewards dashboard will receive additional 20 XPRT tokens at the end of the campaign. This bonus is capped at 1000 participants (totaling to up to 20,000 XPRT) and you need to stake at least an equivalent of $200 across all campaigns to be eligible.

      In case that we reach more than 1000 participants, the bonus will be distributed to 1000 addresses on a fair lottery basis.

      When do I receive the bonus tokens?

      The tokens will be distributed at the end of all 7 StakeDrop campaigns. They will be locked up (non-transferable) for 6 months after the TGE and linearly vested over those 6 months. This is the same for all tokens allocated to the StakeDrop.

      Additional Staking Rewards HEARTS for StakeDrop Participants

      Participants who successfully participate in the Persistence StakeDrop and submit their ERC-20 address in the Staking Rewards dashboard will not only receive the bonus XPRT tokens, but also get additional 200 HEARTS, the just-launched Staking Rewards loyalty points. This is an exclusive offer celebrating the launch of our new feature. Read more about HEARTS here.

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