Persistence has wrapped up its first StakeDrop Campaign spanning a 30 day period.  Cosmos stakers were able to add to their benefits from staking, by not only receiving ATOM but XPRT as well.  Persistence says it planned the campaign to benefit all involved but it wasn’t entirely clear how the cookie would crumble until they’d seen things in action.  Their goal was to increase the security of the network, give committed stakers an opportunity to acquire some XPRT, without any upfront principal risk, and assist Persistence in broadening their token’s distribution.  Well, according to their report, the cookie crumbling exceeded their expectations.

      In addition to their regular campaign rewards, Persistence teamed up with Staking Rewards to give their users a bonus of 20,000 XPRT.  Persistence has now turned the bend and announced its second campaign for KAVA stakers, which will last 21 days.  There’ll be seven such campaigns in all.  To be frank, the statistics from the Cosmos campaign are a bit impressive.

      Within the first two weeks of the campaign, over 30 million ATOM were staked by nearly 1,000 delegators.  By the time the campaign had ended the number of participants rose to 1,154 unique addresses.  Interestingly, the number of delegators on the Cosmos Network increased by more than 14% from approximately 29.5k to 33.7k delegators.

      More Interesting Statistics About the Cosmos Network StakeDrop Campaign:

      1. Cosmos Network Participants: Nearly 1/6 of all ATOMs staked in totality were delegated to receive XPRT rewards.  This equates to $198 million at the time of writing.
      1. Cosmos Staking/Bonded Ratio: Increased from 72.11% on the 25th October to a 3-month high of 73.09% on 3rd November, 2020, with a near 1% increase.
      1. Unique Cosmos Accounts: From StakeDrop beginning to end there was a 14.3% increase with the total number of Cosmos accounts going from 94,024 to 107,462.

      The Cosmos StakeDrop Campaign distributed 200,000 XPRT to more than 1,000 people.  Now the Kava StakeDrop Campaign seems to be off to a decent start with about 5 million KAVA staked by over 250 stakers so far on its first day.  KAVA stakers for this campaign will share 100,000 XPRT, distributed evenly across a three week period.  Unlike the Cosmos campaign, where rewards increased linearly for the first three weeks, rewards are constant from day one.

      You can find more information on Persistence seven StakeDrop Campaigns, along with some tutorials, for various wallets, at their YouTube channel and at their Medium blog.

      $25,000 Worth of XPRT will be Distributed to KAVA Stakers During the Kava StakeDrop, Beginning November 26th

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