AssetMantle is distributing a 450K $MNTL Stakedrop to 2,000 eligible claimants in our Staking Rewards HEARTS community. 

      Our first-ever Stakedrop Learn & Earn campaign has run its course. Tokens have been distributed by AssetMantle; see the campaign requirements and step-by-step instructions to claiming below. 

      Who is eligible to claim the MNTL Stakedrop?

      • Users on Staking Rewards with 100+ HEARTS tokens
      • Users who staked a minimum of 0.1 $ATOM on their provided Cosmos address
      • Alternatively, users staked the equivalent of 0.1 $ATOM on any of the following assets: $CMDX, $XPRT, $JUNO, $LUNA, and $STARS
      • Users who filled out the questionnaire after claiming

      How many eligible claims are there for the MNTL Stakedrop?

      • 2,000 (1 per person only)

      Step-by-step guide to claiming the Stakedrop. 

      Step1: Open MantleWallet

      Step 2: Sign in with the Keplr address and email address that you used in the questionnaire and your Staking Rewards profile

      Step 3: See the claimed MNTL token in your wallet 

      About The Author

      Abishek Y Kannan

      is a Research Analyst at Staking Rewards and covers the asset data integrations on the platform. He has been in the crypto space since 2019 besides his role at Staking Rewards, he is studying actuarial studies at UNSW. Abishek is a crypto enthusiast who loves exploring the novel ways of blockchains to make the world a better and more efficient place.