How to Stake Comdex?

      Staking Comdex can be done through the 4 following platforms:

      1. Omniflix
      2. Unagi
      3. Cosmostation
      4. Ezstaking

      To connect with these platforms you will need either a Keplr or Keystation Wallet where Keplr will work with options 1,2 and 4 while Cosmostation requires a Keystation wallet. Our platform of choice was Omniflix due to its compatibility with Keplr Wallet and its easy-to-use interface.

      How much can you earn staking Comdex?

      Delegating Comdex can earn you up to 42.3% currently at the time of writing this, you can get a more up-to-date staking APR by checking out the Comdex Asset Page.

      Comdex Reward Rates
      Click on the link to visit the Comdex Asset Page and see the latest staking data on Comdex

      Want more than just an APR? Our Comdex Asset Page also has an earn calculator that allows you to input your investment amount, and how long you wish to stake for, and also has a compound feature that shows your return if you compounded your staking rewards.

      Staking Comdex Return Graph
      Click on the link to visit the Comdex Asset Page and see the latest staking data on Comdex

      Step 1 – Getting to the Omniflix dashboard for staking Comdex

      Step 1 of Staking Comdex
      1. Head to the Comdex Home Page
      2. Click on staking in the top right
      3. Select your preferred staking platform

      Step 2 – Switching your Keplr Wallet to Comdex

      Step 2 of staking Comdex
      1. Click on Connect in the Top Right
      2. Enter your Keplr Account Password
      3. Then click on Cosmos Hub and scroll down to select Comdex

      Step 3 – Staking Comdex to Validator

      Step 3 of Staking Comdex
      1. Click on the Stake Tokens Button
      2. Input the amount of Comdex you wish to stake and the validator you wish to delegate to. You can find individual return rates for each validator by heading to our Comdex Asset Page and scroling to the bottom.
      3. Click the STAKE button and then authorize the transaction in your Keplr Wallet. Leaving 0.1 Comdex for fees should be plenty


      Staking Comdex through the Omniflix is an easy process that as seen above can be done in 3 easy steps. Comdex offers a high staking apr which can make it profitable to stake if the team is able to deliver and keep the token price stable.

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