Chain is a blockchain-based technology company on a mission to enable a smarter and more connected economy. The team builds cryptographic ledgers and cloud infrastructure that underpins transformative financial products and Web3 services. Chain Token ($XCN) is the native cryptocurrency and governance token of the Chain Protocol and Chain ecosystem of products. This tutorial will show you where you can buy $XCN and how to stake your tokens on the Chain network. 

      Step 1: Make sure you have a MetaMask wallet

      MetaMask is one of the most popular self-custody wallets and offers users the ability to stake their tokens, use blockchain apps and manage multiple tokens in one wallet. You can download the MetaMask wallet here.

      Step 2: Get yourself some $XCN tokens

      Currently, you can purchase $XCN tokens on Coinbase, Kucoin, or using 1inch.

      To get $XCN tokens using 1inch, navigate to 1inch and connect your MetaMask wallet. We will be using $ETH tokens to swap $XCN.  

      • Connect your MetaMask wallet
      • Select ‘ETH’in the ‘from’ tab
      • Select ‘XCN’ in the ‘to’ tab
        • If you don’t see XCN there, you will need to import the contract address 
        • The contract address is 0xa2cd3d43c775978a96bdbf12d733d5a1ed94fb18
      • Click ‘Confirm SWAP’ 
      • Approve the transaction on MetaMask
      • The $XCN will reflect in your MetaMask wallet

      If you cannot see your $XCN in your wallet, you may need to import the token in MetaMask so that it can reflect under ‘Assets’. Follow the steps below to import $XCN into your wallet:

      • Go to CoinGecko and copy the contract address for $XCN
      • Open your MetaMask wallet, and make sure you are on the Ethereum Mainnet
      • Click on ‘Assets’
      • Click ‘Import tokens’
      • Paste the contract address that you copied under ‘Token Contract Address’
        • Type 0xa2cd3d43c775978a96bdbf12d733d5a1ed94fb18 under ‘Token Contract Address’
        • Type ‘XCN’ under ‘Token Symbol’
        • Type ‘18’ under ‘Token Decimal’
      • Click ‘Add custom token’

      Well done! Now you have $XCN tokens and can go to the staking portal to delegate your stake.

      Step 3: Go to the $XCN staking portal and stake your coins

      Go to the $XCN staking portal and connect your MetaMask wallet.

      • Connect your MetaMask wallet
      • Select how much $XCN you want to stake
      • Click the ‘Approve’ button
      • Approve the transaction on MetaMask

      Wondering what the current staking APY is? Check it out on StakingRewards here. We also have other useful staking metrics for $XCN such as:

      • Staking Marketcap
      • Staking Ratio
      • Number of stakers on the network
      • Staking calculator
      • Inflation rate
      • Rewards per block


      Chain is on a mission to enable a smarter and more connected economy. You can support their network by staking your $XCN tokens which contribute to decentralization, network security, and governance. Remember that staking is an essential part of a Proof-of-Stake (POS) blockchain and you can play your part in building the decentralized economy by staking your crypto. Check out for more tutorials and insights on staking. 

      About The Author

      Kilian Boshoff

      is purpose-driven, he loves researching and figuring out how technology can drive change in the world we live in. He is an avid crypto trader and spends his free time deep-diving into different projects on his YouTube channel. Kilian is currently on a mission to pioneer the institutional adoption of digital assets in his home country, South Africa.