Staking Rewards is providing this tutorial in collaboration with the Telos Team. We hope to make the Telos staking experience for you as easy as possible.

      Staking Telos into the Resource Exchange (REX) is done in a few easy steps through the Telos Wallet.

      1. Access your Telos Account from your favourite Wallet

      Please see below for a list of Wallets you may use:


      • Telos Wallet:
      • My Telos Wallet:
      • Sqrl:
      • Scatter:
      • TokenPocket:

      Mobile Wallets:

      • Telos Wallet:
      • CoolX:
      • Lynx:
      • Meet1:
      • Math Wallet:

      2. Vote for 21+ Telos Block Producers or a proxy

      REX requires that an account is actively voting for at least 21 block producers, or you can also proxy your votes to any Telos voting proxy. We recommend Sqrl Wallet or Telos Wallet for this step.

      Below you will find instructions using the available Wallets.

      Using Sqrl Wallet, open your account and click on the Governance tab to vote. Select at least 21 block producers or select Set Voter Proxy and choose a proxy to vote for you. You may review the different proxies registered on the network using the Chainspector Proxy tool.

      In the Mobile Telos Wallet, click the action button to reveal the action Menu, then select Vote for Bps, click on the list and select at least 21 Block producers up to a maximum of 30.

      3. Stake your TLOS to REX

      This involves a couple of steps on the T-REX tab in the Sqrl Wallet if your tokens are liquid and one step if they are already staked to CPU/NET.

      4. Deposit TLOS for Lending.

      SQRL Wallet

      5. Lend Deposited TLOS

      SQRL Wallet
      Mobile Telos Wallet

      Open up the action Menu again, select the REX icon, this will open up your REX portfolio, enter the amount you want to buy using your TLOS tokens, click on the evaluate button and confirm the action.


      If your tokens are not liquid and staked to CPU and/or Net as shown here:

      You need only select the “Unstake and Lend TLOS which will change your already staked tokens to REX as shown below.

      How much will i earn staking TLOS into REX?

      The individual TLOS rewards depends on the Total Staked %.

      Every 30 minutes a reward of 685 TLOS is distributed between all participants.

      In our Staking Calculator you can play with the Total Staked to see the reward under certain assumptions.

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