Start putting your HEARTS to work by betting on the price direction of your favourite crypto assets.

      We’ve built the Bull & Bear to continue providing utility to the HEARTS token as well as introducing a novel way to make price predictions. Have fun with friends in the Staking Rewards community!

      As price and sentiment data is popular within crypto, we want to bring a new dimension to price discovery which gamifies the experience. Allowing users to express their view on the market in an intuitive way where you have something to gain if they are correct but also something to lose if you are wrong.

      On all of our crypto asset profiles, we have a new panel that allows users with at least 10 HEARTS to play the Bull & Bear game.

      Simply input the duration that you want to play, choose a direction and confirm.

      You can only have 1 active game per asset and once you have confirmed a game you cannot cancel it.

      Once you have an active game, you’ll see the sentiment panel showcasing the total active bullish and bearish games, with your direction highlighted in blue.

      The green status icon indicates that the game is currently in a winning position, your HEARTS will be awarded when the time has elapsed.

      From here you can also view the Bull & Bear Dashboard where you can see information about all your active and historic games.

      Future Development

      For now, we have limited each game to 10 HEARTS, but we may allow users to define it for themselves in the future. We are excited to see the outcomes of these games and plan on building more initiatives which embed the HEARTS token.

      We are also planning for other features to continuously improve the data as well as increase user engagement. If this feature is well-received by our community, you may see aggregated sentiment charts, global leaderboard, and other features in the future. Stay tuned!

      About The Author

      Mirko Schmiedl

      is the CEO & Co-Founder at Staking Rewards. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 class and raised over $4M to advance Staking Rewards on its mission to make Staking easy for everyone.