• Verified Staking Provider (VSP) Incubation Program helps emerging validators grow and compete
      • Nurturing environment, brand exposure, and benchmarking opportunities for validators
      • Validators with AUM of $2.5M or less can join at no cost
      • Standard pricing applies for validators exceeding the AUM threshold
      • Accelerate your growth and success in staking with the VSP Incubation Program
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      We are excited to introduce the Verified Staking Provider (VSP) Incubation Program, designed to accelerate the growth of emerging validators and help them compete with larger players in the staking ecosystem within the VSP framework.

      Fostering Growth and Scale for Smaller Validators

      The VSP Incubation Program aims to provide a nurturing environment for smaller validators, fostering their growth and scale within the staking ecosystem. With the VSP already boasting more than 2 million stakers and over $12 billion in AUM, the program has a solid foundation to support and elevate emerging validators.

      Join the VSP Program at No Cost and Benchmark Against the Best

      Emerging validators with ambitious goals can join the VSP Program at no cost, allowing them to benchmark themselves against the best in the industry. Being part of the VSP Program provides validators with a unique opportunity to grow their community and learn from the best in the business.

      The Cumulative AUM and Unique Stakers in the VSP Program

      Eligibility Criteria and Commitment for the Incubation Program

      To be eligible for the Incubation Program, validators must have an AUM of $2.5M or less across all networks. Additionally, they should demonstrate a strong desire to grow and scale, possess a solid team background, and have a well-defined go-to-market strategy.

      Benefits of Verification and Brand Exposure for Validators

      By becoming a Verified Provider through the Incubation Program, validators gain numerous benefits. With over 2 million stakers trusting the VSP and over $12 billion in AUM under its umbrella, being verified enhances validators’ brand awareness, exposure, and trust among the staking community. Validators can leverage the VSP’s extensive user base and its position as a leading authority in the staking industry to acquire new users and improve their overall ranking and reputation.

      Growing Above $2.5M AUM

      Fee Structure and Aligned Success: Validators whose AUM exceeds $2.5M after the first or second year will be subject to standard VSP pricing. The VSP ensures a fair and balanced fee structure that aligns the success of validators with the program’s overall objectives.


      The VSP Incubation Program presents an exciting opportunity for emerging validators to accelerate their growth and success in the staking realm. Joining the program allows validators to benefit from the VSP’s established reputation, brand exposure, and extensive user base. Take the first step today and unlock a brighter future in staking. Learn more about the VSP and its growth at

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