Join IPX Staking on Bithumb

      IPX Staking service was launched on Bithumb on 8th June. IPX is also the third staking cryptocurrency Bithumb supports after IOST and Luna.

      Follow this tutorial to stake your IPX on Bithumb Global.

      You can join here:

      1. Sign up or Log in on Bithumb

      2. Start staking 

      • Click the Agree to terms of service for immediate application
      • Choose Deposit or Buy 

      Once you deposit or buy at least 150 IPX tokens to your Bithumb account, you are confirmed to participate in the staking. 

      3. Get rewards

      Staking Rewards will be distributed at the amount of annual interest rate(%) daily. You can also find your reward history in your account. And if you want to end staking, you can apply for withdrawal at any time. There is no lockup as well. 

      Get customer support

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact:


      Email: [email protected]

      Learn more about Bithumb:

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