Join us on Sep 5th, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM GMT-4 for ‘The LSTfi Summit.’

      This online event brings together thought leaders and contributors of some of the biggest LSTfI protocols, to talk on managing risk, boosting yields and what’s next for this new category of DeFi.

      Liquid Staking Token Finance (LSTfi) has been the hottest narrative in DeFi this year.

      Following the Shapella upgrade on Ethereum in April, Liquid Staking has boomed and Liquid Staking tokens (LSTs) have fast become a predominant form of collateral used in DeFi.

      Alongside this growth, a wave of new and innovative LSTfi protocols have entered the market, each of which provide additional utility and extra yield for LST holders.

      Get an introduction to LSTfi on Ethereum, by reading our recent publication.

      This LSTfi Summit will provide a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about Liquid Staking and LSTfi on Ethereum.

      When will it happen?

      Sep 05th, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM GMT-4

      Where will the event happen?

      The LSTfi Summit will be broadcasted live on the Staking Rewards Youtube channel.

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      Who will be speaking?

      The online event will consist of three 40 minute panels:

      1- LST-Backed Stablecoins

      • Rocket Pool – Darren Langley, General Manager
      • Lybra – 0xP, Head of Commercial
      • Raft – David Garai, Founder
      • Ethena – Conor Ryder, Head of Research

      2- Revolutionizing Yield Opportunities

      3- LSTs as the Foundational Layer for DeFi

      • Staking Rewards – Mirko Schmiedl, CEO 
      • Yearn – Corn, Business Development
      • IndexCoop – Crews Enochs, Eco-system Growth Lead
      • Origin – Andra Nicolau, Head of Business Development

      About The Author

      Adam Campbell

      leads growth at Staking Rewards. He is most passionate about self-sovereignty, Web3 growth, marketing automation and community building.