, a product, stands as the leading validator dashboard in the Near ecosystem.

      Staking Rewards is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with, aimed at empowering stakers in the Near ecosystem to make informed decisions when selecting a validator for staking. To enhance trust and transparency in the staking sector, will now display the Staking Rewards Verified Staking Provider emblem on their validator pages across all supported assets on This initiative is designed to assist investors in navigating the vast array of staking Providers available on Near.

      “The Verified Staking Program offered by Staking Rewards serves as an authoritative resource, designed to empower users with insights into their chosen validators. With this new initiative, aims to continually enhance the platform by incorporating additional information to help stakers.

      Looking ahead, we are committed to fostering strategic collaborations with industry leaders. Our aim is to further enrich the quality of data and analytics offered on our platform.”

      0xDenysK | CTO

      How will the Verified Provider Program help Near (NEAR) Stakers?

      The Verified Staking Program (VSP) is an initiative to increase trust, transparency, and reliability in the staking industry by verifying that Providers meet a set of criteria relating to risk management, longevity, and security measures. With the Verified Staking Program, we help investors make confident decisions about Staking Providers by performing in-depth due diligence.

      Blockchains operate on a trustless foundation, ensuring all transactions are transparently verifiable on-chain. However, within the staking realm, investors can only authenticate the on-chain performance of Validators. Due to the confidential nature of their operations and security measures, Staking Providers often refrain from divulging detailed information.

      The Verified Staking Program by Staking Rewards offers a self-regulated platform that allows providers to securely disclose details about their operations and security protocols. We then evaluate and, where feasible, validate this information on-chain, adhering to established standards and best practices within the staking sector.

      With hundreds of validators in the Near ecosystem, stakers may wonder where to start in selecting a validator. The VSP checkmark serves as a guide, aiding stakers in their due diligence process for Staking Providers. Staking Rewards exclusively endorses Providers that fulfill the rigorous criteria of the program and are deemed by Staking Rewards to offer dependable and secure staking services.

      How does Staking Rewards Verify Providers?

      Due diligence is conducted on the following areas of the Provider’s operations:

      • Security Setup: Pre-determined criteria for key management & insurance, internal alerting, and many others to demonstrate the extent to which a provider meets high standards in offering a resilient and consistent service.
      • Reliability: A provider’s uptime, slashing events, and many other criteria demonstrate the provider’s track record of performance and ability to maintain that performance.
      • Business Operations: We assess, among other things, the legitimacy of a provider’s business, the delegator protection, and the sustainability of their services in a fast-moving environment like crypto. In assessing them, we especially emphasize their business practices and the veracity of the information they provide. We see this as the cornerstone of a truthful relationship between delegator and validator.

      Investors and stakers enjoy the additional verification layer that makes it easy for them to pick a Provider vetted by the No.1 authority in the staking industry. Our users will save hours of their own personal time spent conducting due diligence by simply outsourcing that burden to us to vet Providers based upon the above criteria. Read more about the details of the checks in the documentation here. You can also view the verification questionnaire here.

      How can I find Verified Staking Providers on showcases all Near validators on its home page, where you can observe metrics such as:

      • Total Staked NEAR
      • Last Epoch APY
      • Commission Rates
      • Delegators
      • Cumulative Stake
      • Total stake delegated to this validator

      However, for a staker, these metrics might be unclear without insight into the validator’s setup. That’s where the VSP steps in, conducting thorough checks for you. Validators that successfully clear the program are distinguished by the official VSP checkmark.

      Follow the steps below to find Verified Staking Providers on Subscan:

      • Go to
      • Look for validators with the VSP badge
      • Click on their name or the VSP badge


      The Staking Rewards Verified Staking Program helps investors when choosing between thousands of staking Providers and brings new levels accountability to validators. Discover the Near staking profile for more unique insights into NEAR staking.

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