More time saving, less time wasting. We’re now verifying Staking Providers and Lending Platforms to help users navigate the landscape of yield opportunities within crypto.

      Why we built Provider Profiles

      • To educate you about top tier providers, give you peace of mind and help you make more informed decisions.
      • To remove friction points by allowing you to ask specific questions and get a response from the community. 
      • To give more clarity and reduce confusion or remove hesitations about a provider. 
      • To showcase what assets are supported by providers which give you insights about how much yield you can earn and what the fees are. 
      • To help build trust between providers and stakers, allowing users to leave reviews that benefit everyone.
      • To crowdsource the intelligence of our highly engaged and growing community.

      What makes the Question & Answer section so powerful for users?

      • It’s simple. Questions can be asked easily which will be available for anyone on the profile page to read and respond to.
      • It’s comprehensive. Community generated content will provide more information across the whole crypto landscape than we can do ourselves. 
      • It’s relevant. You will only see questions about this provider, making it a highly personalized experience for every user.
      • It’s responsive. Answers offer our community members a chance to share their knowledge and engage with each other in a mutually beneficial way. People who write answers earn HEARTS and constantly earn more HEARTS when their post is liked. This encourages people to write answers that are helpful, insightful and high quality. 

      Getting an Answer to a Question has never been easier

      Simply type your question into the text box to submit it (you’ll need to have an account with us).

      Then your question will be publicly visible for anyone to see and respond to. 

      Answering a question is equally as simple. Type your response into the text box to leave an answer. When it’s posted others can upvote or downvote your answer and you’ll receive or lose HEARTS based on what others think about your answer. 

      Why Reviews Matter

      • They are impartial. Anyone who has used a provider can leave a review. Users are encouraged to leave honest reviews that benefit others.
      • They are inclusive. Reviews give genuine feedback from fellow stakers. By earning HEARTS based on the number of upvotes, people are also encouraged to leave reviews that benefit the community.
      • They give reassurance. Giving your hard earned money to a company you’ve never heard of before is probably not a good idea. Yet, to earn yield with crypto that’s what you‘re expected to do, so we built the platform to reduce this burden and give you greater peace of mind. Now you can get a sense of how reliable and trustworthy a staking provider is before you risk any money.

      Let others know about Your Experience

      You can submit reviews for providers listed on Staking Rewards and we encourage you to share your opinions, both favourable and unfavourable.

      Customer reviews help others to learn more about the provider and decide whether it is right for them. 

      We have a zero tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate our users.

      Leaving a Review on Staking Rewards

      To leave a review, first rate the provider from 1 to 5, then select your assets and type up your review. Before submitting it, we have a 4 step process to ensure quality across the site. 

      You can upload a screenshot that proves you have used the provider which will give your review a check mark to indicate to others that your review is more legitimate. 

      Once you agree to our terms, you can submit your review and if others upvoted it, then you’ll receive HEARTS. 


      And obviously, these features are just the tip of the iceberg. So, now that you know why you should use Staking Rewards for understanding more about crypto, go ahead and get involved. Leave a review or post a question, it only takes a minute and you’ll be earning some HEARTS in the process. 


      Staking Rewards provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis and news to help everyone establish sustainable passive income streams with crypto.

      If you’re looking for highly practical and insightful market information, market data or analytics, we have the tools for your needs.

      About The Author

      Mirko Schmiedl

      is the CEO & Co-Founder at Staking Rewards. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 class and raised over $4M to advance Staking Rewards on its mission to make Staking easy for everyone.