We are excited to announce that the Oasis Network has been added to the Staking Rewards platform. Through this integration our Oasis community members will be able to more easily stake their $ROSE tokens and learn about the incentives on the Oasis Network.

      As of now, the Oasis Network is fully integrated with Staking Rewards. Users can keep track of the current staking-related data and information on the Oasis Staking Rewards page here.

      We have mapped and integrated profiles for most validators in the Oasis Network. Any validator who is not verified with Staking Rewards is urged to get in touch with us to bring further exposure to their services.

      We are happy to be supporting the growth and security of the Oasis Network. Its innovative approach to privacy and scalability has the potential to change the current DeFi landscape and expand blockchain to new heights.

      As a bonus for the most engaged Staking Rewards Users, we will further announce an airdrop of $ROSE tokens to our community in the coming months.

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      Staking Rewards Research

      is a team of analysts dedicated to analyzing the economics, profitability, risks, and yield potential of various cryptocurrencies.