This virtual meeting will convene top industry leaders to discuss the implications of the Shanghai Upgrade for institutional participation and the broader financial ecosystem on Ethereum infrastructure.

      Join us on March 14th, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST for ‘The Post-Shanghai Institutional ETH Staking Online Forum.’ This event will address the critical question of what the Shanghai Upgrade means for institutional staking participation. 

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      What is The Post-Shanghai Institutional ETH Staking Online Forum about?

      The Ethereum Shanghai Protocol Upgrade represents the final chapter in the Ethereum proof-of-stake vision. With 16.4 million staked ETH ($26 billion) becoming eligible for withdrawal in late March, the upgrade marks a significant milestone. Despite this, the trend points to increased staking, with the growing adoption of the Ethereum network and rising ETH price positioning Ethereum staking to become a trillion-dollar industry. 

      The impact of this upgrade on institutional staking is crucial to understand for any institution considering staking. The Shanghai upgrade greatly de-risks staking, making it increasingly attractive to institutions seeking long-term bets on the blockchain ecosystem. 

      This event will provide a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in understanding the impact of the upgrade on institutional staking, and how it could change the trajectory of Ethereum’s future forever.

      Where will it be?

      The event will take place online and registration can be accessed below.

      Register Here

      When will it happen?

      March 14th, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST.

      What topics will be discussed?

      Topics to be covered at the event include the future of ETH staking, institutional support for network decentralization, ETH liquid staking, making staking compliant, and examining the impact and opportunities of withdrawals post-Shanghai.

      Which speakers will be there?

      The event will feature a keynote presentation by Ethereum researcher Justin Drake and other experts and representatives from prominent organizations in the Ethereum network, including Alluvial, SSV Network, StakeWise, Rocket Pool, Ether Capital, and more.

      What type of audience will be there?

      Institutional Investors, Staking Providers, VC Firms, researchers, or any other entity considering or already staking ETH. 

      How to get tickets?

      Register for free, visit the following link:

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