AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. The AssetMantle no-code toolset enables creators to permissionlessly create customized assets and marketplaces.

      $MNTL is the native token of the AssetMantle ecosystem. $MNTL is a governance and staking token securing the MantleChain along with supporting the MantlePlace (NFT marketplace) transactions: minting, trading, royalties, and fees. Initially, the token will also help bootstrap genesis creators, liquidity provision, and NFT minting and trading activities through retroactive rewards and airdrops.

      The $MNTL token is required as a deposit to create on-chain governance proposals. The token holders can then vote on these proposals with their staked $MNTL.

      Let’s look into the process of staking $MNTL!

      How Much Can You Earn Staking AssetMantle?

      Currently (at the time this tutorial was written), delegating $MNTL could earn you up to 147.17%. You can get a more up-to-date staking APR by checking out the AssetMantle Asset Page.

      Staking AssetMantle
      Click on the link to visit the AssetMantle Asset Page and see the latest staking data on $MNTL

      Want more than just an APR? Our AssetMantle Asset Page also has an earn calculator that allows you to input your investment amount, how long you wish to stake for, and also has a compound feature that shows your return if you compounded your staking rewards.

      Staking AssetMantle
      Click on the link to visit the AssetMantle Asset Page and see the latest staking data on $MNTL

      How to Stake $MNTL?

      Staking AssetMantle can be done in 7 steps:

      1. Go on to the official website
      2. Sign in with your Keplr Wallet
      3. Find the staking section
      4. Choose your preferred validator
      5. Delegate your funds
      6. Approve the transaction in your wallet
      7. Check your staking rewards

      The individual steps are explained in more detail below.

      Step 1 – Go on to the official website

      Staking AssetMantle
      1. Head to
      2. Click on Sign In in the top right

      Step 2 – Sign in with your Keplr Wallet

      Staking AssetMantle
      1. Download a Keplr Wallet if you don’t have one yet here:
      2. Click on Use Keplr to sign in (you can also use Ledger or your KeyStore File

      Step 3 – Find the staking section

      Staking AssetMantle
      1. Click on Continue and you will get access to your MantleWallet. Here you will get an overview of your AssetMantle Token and its vesting status.
      2. Click on Staking which is situated on the top right of the webpage.

      Step 4 – Choose your preferred validator

      Staking AssetMantle

      You will see a list of different validators, including their Voting Power and the Commission they claim.

      1. Compare the Validators

      Before you choose a validator, we recommend you to check if there is already a Verified Provider for AssetMantle.

      2. Select the validator you want and click on Actions.

      Step 5 – Delegate your funds

      Staking AssetMantle
      1. After you have selected your validator, click Delegate.
      2. Enter the desired amount you want to stake with this validator.
      3. Click Submit.

      Step 6 – Approve the transaction in your wallet

      Now you’ve almost got it.

      1. Set your gas fees (default average is enough).
      2. Click Approve in your Kelpr Wallet.
      3. Voilà, you did it! Your $MNTL tokens are staked.

      Step 7 – Check your staking rewards

      On this dashboard, you get an overview of your delegated $MNTL and the rewards they are earning.

      When you want to claim your rewards, simply click Claim and the rewards will be transferred to your wallet.


      Staking $MNTL through Keplr Wallet is an easy process and can be done in 7 easy steps. AssetMantle offers a very high staking APR that can make it profitable to stake if the team is able to keep the token price stable.

      Just Stake it!

      About The Author

      Christoph Matthias

      Product Owner Verified Staking Program VSP @StakingRewards