Interview with Jonas Lamis of Tezos Capital

      We asked Jonas’s opinion regarding several topics such as decentralization, incentivisation and PoS challenges in context of our Staking Ecosystem Case Study.

      Trusted Delegation Services for the Tezos Community. Tezos Capital has 2 services to choose from. Both provide trusted, secure, high efficiency services.

      SR: How do we ensure and incentivize further decentralization within the staking ecosystem?

      JL: Tezos is on the forefront of driving decentralization across its baking operations. As opposed to most other PoS networks, Tezos allows any participant to become a baker and to consistently receive rewards for baking and endorsing.  There is no arbitrary number of maximum validators and through our on-chain governance process we have already lowered the financial requirement (from 10k – 8k xtz) to participate in staking.

      SR: What are the biggest challenges for Proof of Stake and Staking, that we still have to overcome or may still face?

      JL:  Two major concerns are top of mind.  Tactically, delegation services fall into a regulatory gray area that needs to have clarity regarding tax treatments of inflationary rewards and the nature of the relationship between delegation service and purposefully anonymous delegators.  More strategically, ease of use needs to dramatically improve so that a broad, non-technical audience can join in this revolution.

      SR: What do you consider to be the most important aspects to attract delegators to your staking service?

      JL:  We speak of Tezos as a “digital commons” and the issues of a community managed commons apply directly to the staking world.  For example, just like having one rancher overgraze the commons, unsustainably low fees can draw a lot of delegations, but can damage the overall balance of the ecosystem for years to come.  

      Consequently we have focused on community building and publishing materials that help grow the ecosystem, and hope that current and future delegators recognize that these public goods are supported by a fee structure that is fair for the long term success of Tezos.

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