What You’ll Find in This Article

      • A step by step guide on how to stake Radix
      • How to go about picking a validator that ensures the decentralisation of the network
      • How much you can expect to earn staking Radix

      Why Should You Be Staking Radix?

      Staking Radix allows you to earn a competitive 12% APR on your tokens while helping to secure the network. By staking your Radix, you can cover transaction fees and build a source of passive income.

      Furthermore, Radix auto compounds your stake every 30-90 minutes based on their epoch time so there is no need to worry about claiming your rewards and re-delegating them.

      Step 1 – Finding Your Radix Wallet Address

      staking radix
      • You can find and copy your Radix wallet address to your clipboard by clicking on the copy button in the top right of the application window.

      Step 2 – Heading to the Staking Tab

      staking radix
      • You can head to the staking tab in the Radix desktop wallet by clicking on the Stake & Unstake tab on the left-hand side of the application window.

      Step 3 – Picking a Validator

      You can find a list of validators on the Radix asset page by scrolling under the calculator. To optimize your reward here, we recommend delegating to a validator with 2% voting power share or less. You can then head over to Radix Scan and grab the address of your selected validator.

      staking radix

      Step 4 – Staking Radix

      staking radix
      • Once you have your preferred validator’s address, you can copy-paste it into the validator field and also input the amount of Radix you wish to stake. We suggest leaving 10 Radix in your wallet to pay for fees.
      • You can then click on the green Stake button, input your wallet pin and confirm the transaction.

      Conclusion on Staking Radix

      In summary, staking Radix allows network stakers to increase their exposure to a protocol that is aiming to revamp the DeFi space with a chain that’s purpose-built for it. With their high APR and regular payouts every 30-90 minutes depending on epoch time, staking Radix can be an effective way to navigate through crypto amongst the recent barrage of macro-economic instability.

      About The Author

      Abishek Y Kannan

      is a Research Analyst at Staking Rewards and covers the asset data integrations on the platform. He has been in the crypto space since 2019 besides his role at Staking Rewards, he is studying actuarial studies at UNSW. Abishek is a crypto enthusiast who loves exploring the novel ways of blockchains to make the world a better and more efficient place.