What happened in the Staking Space from 15th December to 22nd December?

      We are glad to present you the 13th Staking Rewards Report. Here we will provide a weekly update on all things Staking. A general overview of the market highlighted research in the space, news on all launched staking networks, updates on upcoming Staking networks, the latest developments from Staking infrastructure providers, and a handful of Staking-Related events. 

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      Staking Rewards Report TL/DR

      • The Graph Mainnet Launch
      • Lido Protocol is live
      • IDEX Replicator Staking is live
      • Origin Protocol OGN Staking is live
      • Polkadot first Parachain Testnet
      • Free TON achieves mainnet status

      …And many more!

      Staking Market Overview

      Staking Research

      The Staking Defense Podcast Episode 4 – Tegan Kline on The Graph and Crypto Values

      Tegan handles “all things business” at The Graph. The Graph’s Mission Control testnet has been going strong for months now. The testnet’s being supported by 100’s of nodes. This feels hopeful from a decentralized perspective. As chris Remus  spoke to Tegan, it became clear that The Graph approaches their work from a “crypto-first” value set. This is astonishing as many staking network entrants are coming at this from a “finance-first” mindset. Learn more in the The Staking Defense Podcast.

      Our Network: Issue #51 – The Graph

      Over the last 6 months, 200+ Indexers deployed Graph Nodes on testnet to help improve and stress test the network; achieving ~1K queries per second with 99% reliability. Indexers are located in more than 40 different countries and gateways are globally distributed, that choose Indexers in real-time based on characteristics like their latency, performance and price. In the first 24 hours after launch, over 17% of total Indexer allocation has already been staked. PoolTogether is the first subgraph being indexed on The Graph Network mainnet, with over ~40M GRT already staked by indexers that are processing those queries. Indexers are also beginning to differentiate themselves in delegation parameters to entice new Delegators.

      Live Networks Updates

      The Graph Network Launches its Mainnet

      The Graph Network launched its mainnet, the first global and easily searchable index of blockchain data. It allows developers to easily search, find, publish and use the public data they need to build decentralized applications, without needing to rely on centralized servers and proprietary infrastructure. The Graph Network dramatically expands accessibility of decentralized applications through public and open APIs, called subgraphs that are used by hundreds of applications today.

      Polkadot: The Rococo-V1 Parachains Testnet is up and running

      Rococo is a public testnet, maintained by Parity Technologies along with the Polkadot developer community, aimed towards testing both the parachains consensus process itself as well as parachains built by the community and their interactions with each other.

      Check Polkadot current staking rates and validators

      Free TON achieves mainnet status after reaching ‘sufficient decentralization’

      The Free TON project, a community-led software evolution of Telegram’s ultimately ill-fated attempt at launching a blockchain, announced on Tuesday the launch of the project’s effective mainnet. The network had originally launched in May 2020, building on Telegram’s code base but otherwise showing no association with the communications company and related $1.7 billion initial coin offering. The community boasts more than 400 validators and 15 “fully formed geographical subgovernances,” the project’s equivalent of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. 

      IDEX Replicator Staking is now live

      • IDEX holders can now configure their replicator staking nodes with as little as 10k IDEX tokens
      • Replicator staking nodes serve IDEX API data to algorithmic users
      • Replicator stakers earn 50% of trade fees from IDEX for this work
      • Replicator staking is replacing the existing IDEXd staking system on December 20th, 2020

      Origin Protocol OGN Staking is now live

      OGN Holders can now stake in order to earn up to 25% yield for locking up their tokens. See this guide to get started

      Cosmos: Announcing the IBC 1.0 implementation release candidate

      This blog post enumerates the most significant protocol and implementation changes in the past few months, describes the expected two-phase Stargate IBC rollout, and lastly outlines how you can get involved. Learn more on Feature additions and bug-fixes, Two-phase Stargate IBC rollout and the Stargate bug bounty. 

      StaFi rToken Whitepaper

      As PoS grows, the task of helping validators unleash the liquidity of staking assets while ensuring the security of the original chain remains. The rToken solution proposed by StaFi is a solution to this problem. With rTokens, billions of dollars of staked assets can circulate without the need to unstake. It solves the liquidity dilemma of staking, and increases the willingness of both crypto enthusiasts and blockchain developers to participate in PoS consensus. In addition to providing rToken staking liquidity solutions for PoS projects, StaFi will also develop cross-chain bridge services that help the circulation of hundreds of rTokens in the Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cosmos ecosystems.

      Learn more about Stafi Protocol Staking

      Upcoming Networks Updates

      Persistence Terra (LUNA) StakeDrop campaign is now live

      Terra StakeDrop campaign has begun with a bang, with 12.5M+ LUNA already staked by StakeDrop participants, stacking up those $XPRT rewards. $25K worth of XPRT tokens have been allocated for distribution to LUNA stakers, spread across the 25-day Terra StakeDrop.

      Learn more about the collaboration between Persistence Stakedrop and Staking Rewards

      Injective Launches the World’s First Yield Farming Derivative

      The team launched the world’s first yield farming derivative. Now anyone can earn chain agnostic yield with zero gas fees and a simple trading interface. On a basic level yield farming involves locking digital assets into a protocol which then earns the owner yield. Normally by adding tokens into a liquidity pool, a user (or “yield farmer”) is effectively able to provide additional liquidity for trades or other functions. Liquidity mining allows yield farmers to earn more tokens in addition to the usual return in exchange for their aid in providing more liquidity.

      Staking Providers Updates

      Citadel.one Feature Overview: A Closer Look into Staking

      One of the main functions of the Citadel.one platform is participation in the PoS consensus — users can stake their assets with multiple nodes and claim rewards. Get details on how staking works on Citadel.one platform.

      The Lido Protocol is now live

      Lido is a liquid staking solution for Ethereum allowing users to earn staking rewards without locking assets or maintaining staking infrastructure.

      Lido Eth2 Staking Guide by Staking Facilities

      Learn how to stake ETH on Ethereum 2.0s’ Beacon Chain with the Lido staking pool and the Metamask Browser Extension.

      The Graph Delegation Guide by Staking Facilities

      Learn how to become a Delegator on The Graph by delegating your GRT tokens via the Network Beta dApp.

      Audius Guide: Staking & Delegating AUDIO Tokens by Figment

      Audius is a new streaming platform designed for musicians – they can build a fanbase, share works in progress, and finally share completed tracks with the world. Musicians are using Audius to create, grow, and monetize their work without needing a record label. 

      StakeHound launched the first NEM Liquid Staking Solution

      Learn more about NEM Staking here

      How To Stake CertiK $CTK with Deepwallet by Stakin

      CertiK Foundation was built with the vision of provable trust for all — every blockchain, every smart contract, and every user. This vision reflects throughout the blockchain’s fundamentals as provable trust will usher the path towards greater decentralization, transparency, and security.

      Upcoming Staking Events

      Staking Rewards Updates

      Passive Income Portfolio Update

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      About The Authors

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      is the CMO, and blockchain analyst at Citadel.one. Being in crypto since the age of 17, she mainly focused on the topics related to PoS systems of passive yield, smart contracts, and social construction of cryptocurrency

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