What happened in the Staking Space from 22nd December to 31st December?

      We are glad to present you the 14th Staking Rewards Report. Here we will provide a weekly update on all things Staking. A general overview of the market highlighted research in the space, news on all launched staking networks, updates on upcoming Staking networks, the latest developments from Staking infrastructure providers, and a handful of Staking-Related events. 

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      Staking Rewards Report TL/DR

      • Wrapped Tezos launch by StakerDAO
      • Secret Network Ecosystem Pool
      • Staking Rewards is Hiring

      …And many more!

      Staking Market Overview

      Staking Research

      Valid Points: A Year in Review by Your Ethereum 2.0 Staking Experts

      Check a digest highlighting a year for Ethereum by industry thought leaders. Tim Ogilvie from Staked elaborated  on gas usage, Jun Soo Kim of stake.fish talked on Ethereum’s staking ecosystem, Chandler Song from Ankr pointed out the staking growth, and Mike Garland of Alchemy spoke on Eth 2.0 adoption. 

      The Blockchain Debate Podcast – Motion: Today’s blockchains can’t increase TPS without taking a hit on decentralization, II (Evan Shapiro vs. Anatoly Yakovenko)

      Over the episode, they’ve touched upon:

      • the inherent shortcoming of proof-of-stake in guaranteeing the canonical chain for a new full node
      • why some chains have been designed to disallow rollback beyond certain point
      • How Evan thinks faster synching process for new full nodes will allow further decentralization 
      • Why Anatoly thinks trustless synching doesn’t solve the Byzantine Generals Problem

      Proof-of-Stake Was Bigger Than Eth 2.0 in 2020 by Tim Ogilvie

      Proof-of-stake has always been the destination for Ethereum and for many other projects in crypto. Some cynicism was inevitable along the way – and certainly, the progress of PoS networks has not been without setbacks. But in 2020 the theory became reality.

      What is Solana? Solana Coin: SOL

      Solana is a high-performance scalable blockchain that can support crypto applications.  Solana can currently handle 50k transactions per second with an average 400ms block time. Blazing fast.

      Citizen Cosmos Podcast: Tushar Aggarwal, Persistence and Institutional DeFi

      In this episode hosts talk to Tushar Aggarwal about the vision of Persistence, the power of DeFi and what role will institutions play in it. Bridging of crypto and traditional world finance. Stable coins and their value. Discussed what are aggregators of crypto-liquidity and their use. Ways to aggregate capital in a non-KYC fashion. Business, technology, community and the 3 ingredients required for a successful company. They also mentioned Decrypt Asia and what role does building strong business relationships can have on success.

      The Ethereum 2.0 factor: Changing the way DeFi projects operate

      The move to a PoS consensus will impact the DeFi ecosystem. Stakers who hold ETH in their wallets will earn interest for their troubles. By essentially sharing very similar reward systems, it is possible that the compensation offered by staking may rival the rewards from yield farming and other DeFi products. Even though this may take some time to materialize, potential high rewards in Eth2 may create a conflict and a decreased incentive for DeFi usage. However, innovative solutions to this conflict are already being developed, including tokenized ETH 2.0 bonds. Learn more on Cointelegraph.

      Live Networks Updates

      Secret Network Tokenomics and Ecosystem Pool

      The team estimated final numbers based on what they could account for, including the tokens already swapped by the community and those planned to be swapped by Enigma, as well as inflation since network launch.

      Ecosystem Pool that will provide a meaningful source of funding for projects and initiatives being built on Secret Network for years to come. As mentioned above, it will begin with 20M SCRT allocated to fueling Secret Network’s growth and securing its sustainability.

      Learn more about Secret Network

      Tezos 2020 Year-in-Review

      The Tezos ecosystem had a successful 2020, with teams from across the world building new products, new developers being onboarded into the ecosystem, and worldwide community engagement, all in the midst of a pandemic that disrupted life as we knew it. Check some highlights of just a few of the many accomplishments in 2020.

      Learn more about Tezos

      The Wrapped Tezos (wXTZ) beta Guide

      Wrapped products present an amazing opportunity for token holders on Proof of Stake Blockchains to have their cake and eat it too. In this case, Wrapped Tezos allows an XTZ holder to continue to bake their Tez and receive baking rewards while simultaneously having a liquid version of their XTZ — what is called a “Wrapped Tez” (wXTZ). Holders can use wXTZ on Tezos DeFi, and builders can use it as a building block (FA1.2) for their DeFi applications and Dapps.

      Polkadot 2020 Roundup

      The Polkadot network and community is coming out of 2020 with the wind very much behind its sails. Check a roundup of what the team achieved and what they’re planning to do over the course of 2021.

      Learn more about Polkadot

      A Light-Year in the Cosmos: Tendermint 2020

      Tendermint has accomplished for the Cosmos community despite these hardships. In this post, Peng Zhong is going over the highlights for 2020 and also give a preview of what’s coming up next.

      Daily Сosmos Outpost – Inflation 7.0%, Bonded 72.1% 


      1. Delegate: 884,128
      2. Redelegate: 5,863
      3. Undelegate: 93,597

      REWARDS: 33,188

      Upcoming Networks Updates

      Introducing Oraichain Testnet Validator Program

      Oraichain is a data oracle platform that aggregates and connects Artificial Intelligence APIs to smart contracts and regular applications. The Oraichain validators will create new blocks and run oracle scripts that are used to execute AI requests. The network and validators are designed to have high modularity and scalability, creating a scenario for easy integrations of new features and components into Oraichain’s network.

      UNFI Ethereum Staking Starts January 1, 2021

      Key Points:

      • At the conclusion of the BSC staking event, BEP20 UNFI on BSC will need to be moved to Ethereum. Only ERC20 tokens will be able to take advantage of this event and join the Unifi GGM. (Details on how to move them below)
      • Special promotions will be available to those who stake
      • UNFI earned from staking will be claimable immediately
      • UNFI can be unstaked during the event
      • UNFI must be in a wallet where the token holder has the private key to ensure staking rewards are claimable.

      Staking Providers Updates

      Guides by Everstake:

      1. How to stake NEAR at Dokia Capital: a detailed guide 
      2. How to Stake NEAR (Near Protocol) in Moonlet Mobile Wallet: A Simple Guide for Newbies
      3. How to stake Switcheo (SWTH) on TradeHub

      Kira Network pre-staking program is on BitMax

      Upcoming Staking Events

      Staking Rewards Updates

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