The Staking Summit returns bigger and better for 2023. This time a two-day summit in Istanbul that will build on the overwhelming success of last year, with even more of the most influential minds from across the world’s top PoS networks.

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      Welcome to the post-Merge, post-Shanghai world of Ethereum staking, where institutional adoption will transform the network into a trillion-dollar industry. 

      We have a lot to talk about. So, once again, let’s pool our efforts and shape where staking goes from here at the Staking Summit 2023.

      Join us once again on November 10th and 11th, 2023 in Istanbul, Türkiye at the luxurious 5-star Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent.

      What is the Staking Summit?

      The Staking Summit is a unique opportunity to meet the entire staking ecosystem at a full two-day conference with in-person networking, engaging keynotes, and informative panels. Attendees will have plenty of chances to collaborate, learn, and connect with the people behind the protocols.

      Featuring top PoS protocols, validators, investors, and staking experts from all blockchains and ecosystems, the Staking Summit promises to be an exceptional event. 

      This conference will focus on cutting-edge staking and governance challenges, innovative solutions, and emerging trends. By working together, we can advance the staking industry and craft a compelling Proof-of-Stake story.

      Where will it be?

      Istanbul, Türkiye, as part of a series of blockchain events happening in the city at that time, at the luxurious 5-star Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent Convention Hotel.

      By staying at the venue, attendees can maximize their networking opportunities and connect with key players in the PoS ecosystem, such as Validators, Protocols, Institutions, and other contributors. For those seeking a convenient accommodation option, purchasing a Platinum ticket will include a single hotel room at the Staking Summit venue for 2 nights on November 10th and 11th.

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      When will it be?

      November 10th and 11th, 2023 in Istanbul, Türkiye. 

      The Staking Summit is a two-day conference that will run from 10 AM to 4 PM each day. 

      What topics will be discussed at the summit?

      We will cover a broad range of topics centered around Staking and Proof of Stake, clustered around the macro landscape, protocols, validators, and venture capitalists in the space. 

      Which speakers will be at the Staking Summit?

      Our lineup of speakers will include key opinion leaders, experts, and innovators in Staking across the top PoS protocols.

      What type of audience will be there?

      We expect the majority of attendees to be from various staking protocols, validators, VCs, and others building staking-related products. We also wish to involve home stakers!

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      How to get tickets for the Staking Summit?

      Tickets on sale to the public are limited, so be sure to get yours before they sell out. Early bird tickets will be available for a limited time only or until sold out.

      There are three ticket tiers available: Silver Tickets, Gold Tickets and Platinum Tickets. 

      • Early Bird 1 (Until Sold Out) | Silver at €150, Gold at €300, and Platinum at €800 (All VAT Excl)
      • Early Bird 2 Until Sold Out) | Silver at €250, Gold at €450, and Platinum at €950 (All VAT Excl)
      • Early Bird 3 (Until Sold Out) | Silver at €300, Gold at €600, and Platinum at €1100 (All VAT Excl)
      • Regular Pricing (Until Sold Out) | Silver at €350, Gold at €700, and Platinum at €1250 (All VAT Excl)

      Here are the inclusions for each ticket tier.

      Silver Tickets

      • 2-day pass to the event
      • Access to the sponsor and networking area
      • Access to all stages and workshops
      • Access to the Staking Summit 2023 TG Channel
      • Coffee, snacks, and water
      • Selected merchandise

      Gold Tickets

      • All the benefits of Silver Tickets
      • Access to lunch over two days with speakers, sponsors, media partners and other Gold Ticket holders
      • Full set of merchandise
      • Access to the closing dinner and closing party (with open bar) on the 11th with other Gold Ticket holders
      • Access to Staking Summit side-events pre and post-event

      Platinum Tickets

      • All the benefits of Gold Tickets
      • Hotel room at the Staking Summit venue, 5-star Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent, for 2 nights included, 10th and 11th November

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      What is the history of this event? 

      Staking Summit 2023 builds on the success of last year’s event, which saw over 550 of the most influential minds from across the world’s top PoS networks come together to learn, network, and collaborate, accompanied by 50 of the industry’s top speakers. 

      Check out the highlights video here:

      Staking Rewards has always been passionate about fostering discussions and conversations around Proof of Stake. As the market-leading data aggregator for Staking, we’re uniquely positioned to bring together all ecosystem participants and drive constructive dialogue that benefits the entire community.

      We’re not affiliated with any particular protocols or validators, which allows us to maintain a neutral stance and facilitate open discussions that benefit everyone involved.

      Want to sponsor, speak, host a side-event or become a media partner?

      We are accepting sponsorships, speaker applications, side-event proposals, and media partnerships. Apply here to become a part of the Staking Summit 2023.

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      Where can I keep up to date?

      Twitter and our official event page

      About The Author

      Mia Adriaens

      is a Marketing Manager at Staking Rewards with expertise in product ownership, events management, and digital marketing. She holds a BCom Mathematical Sciences degree from the University of Stellenbosch and entered the crypto space in 2022.