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      2021 has been all about PoS Chains taking centre stage. The multi-chain world arrived successfully. And it is built on Proof of Stake technology. Right as predicted in 2017 when we started

      2022 will be the year that hits the nail in the Proof of Work coffin. At least for every chain that is trying to do a tad more than hard store of value. 2022 will be the year of the Ethereum 2.0 Merge to Proof of Stake.

      While the multi-chain world arrived, it will be especially interesting to watch the emergence of Layer 2, and the Inter-Chain. Meaning chains will scale up, and many application will even get their own chains. We can see that with the explosion of L2 on Ethereum, and Cosmos Ecosystem starting right now.

      Terra is continuously hitting all-time highs and the Cosmos ecosystem is gaining momentum after the recent launch of IBC. As of yesterday Osmosis hit $1B TVL.

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      Illuvium ($ILV)

      Illuvium is a decentralized gaming studio that merges online gaming with cryptocurrency. They create uniquely functional, evolving, and high production-value NFTs that are playable in a universe of play-to-earn gaming titles. Right now, 18.38% of the total eligible supply is being staked and stakers are earning ~16.8% on a yearly basis. At the time of writing, Illuvium is ranked #35 of PoS chains by Staked Value.

      $ILV Staking Stats as of Jan 4th. Visit the asset profile for more info. Coin ($CRO) Coin is the native token of the Cosmos-SDK-based chain. Currently, 14.46% of the total eligible supply are being staked and stakers earn around 15.3% annualized while delegating their assets. After adjusting for inflation coin has one of the highest rewards across the top PoS chains. ranks within the top 20 PoS chains by Staked Value and is a candidate for the SR20 index.

      $CRO Staking Stats as of Jan 4th. Visit the asset profile for more info.

      For the full list of assets on Staking Rewards, visit our Crypto Assets Page.

      Latest Provider Integrations:

      Unfederal Reserve

      unFederalReserve™ is a fintech SaaS company combining software built on blockchain technology and 200 years of consumer lending experience. Their banking products are designed for smaller U.S. Treasury chartered banks and non-bank lenders in need of a DeFi strategy and greater liquidity without sacrificing security or compliance.

      Unfederal Reserve Stats as of Jan 4th. Visit the provider profile for more info.

      For the full list of Providers on Staking Rewards, visit our Providers Page.

      Staking Rewards Events

      On January 5th, we will be hosting our first Staking Rewards All-Hands Call of the year.

      To sign-up to attend this behind-closed-doors call and meeting and speak with the team, submit your name and email on this form! With 100+ signed up already, it is bound to be a great meeting.

      All Hands Call Agenda (Wednesday – January 5th 3.15pm-4pm GMT)

      • Welcome to the call, purpose – Mirko (CEO)
      • 2021 Company Summary & the road ahead in 2022
      • Backend/Tech progress in 2021 and the road ahead in 2022
      • 2022 Product Roadmap
      • 2022 Design Updates
      • Data and Research Updates
      • SR20 updates/re-cap to date
      • Community Q&A – ~15 mins

      Staking Mondays

      Yesterday (January 3rd), we spoke with Sunny Aggarwal of Osmosis ($OSMO) on Superfluid Staking, their 2022 Roadmap, the Cosmos ($ATOM) ecosystem in general, and much more. To check out the full interview with tonnes of alpha, watch here!

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      We are looking for proactive, intelligent, and determined people to join our team across all functions.

      The positions are all fully remote but restricted to CET +/- 6.

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