SuiScan and MinaScan, backed by StakeTab, stand as the leading blockchain explorers for the Sui and Mina blockchains, respectively. These explorers enable users to deeply explore blockchains, transactions, validators, delegators, assets, and smart contracts. Serving as all-in-one platforms, SuiScan and MinaScan provide extensive browsing functionalities while also equipping developers with powerful APIs to construct innovative applications.

      StakeTab has established a valuable partnership with Staking Rewards. SuiScan and MinaScan will prominently feature Staking Rewards Verified Staking Providers on its validator page. This strategic move aims to foster trust and transparency within the staking industry, empowering investors to make well-informed decisions amidst a multitude of staking providers.

      Enhancing Reliability with the Verified Staking Program:

      The VSP initiative verifies staking providers based on specific criteria related to risk management, longevity, and security measures. Previously, staking posed a challenge due to the difficulty in determining future trustworthy providers and the lack of transparency regarding industry best practices. Ordinary users had no means of discerning legitimate companies from dubious ones.

      Easing the Selection Process for SUI and MINA Stakers:

      Given the vast number of nodes available on the SUI and Mina networks, stakers frequently encounter the challenge of selecting an appropriate validator. Thankfully, the VSP checkmark provides a solution by empowering stakers to make confident decisions, thanks to the thorough due diligence conducted by Staking Rewards verifies providers that meet strict criteria, ensuring stakers access reliable and secure staking services.

      “By staking with unreliable providers, investors risk missing out on rewards or even losing their funds. The Verified Staking Program ensures that providers meet specific criteria, allowing investors to make smarter decisions. Trust, but always verify!”

      Mirko Schmiedl, CEO at Staking Rewards

      Comprehensive Provider Checks:

      SuiScan and MinaScan conduct due diligence on various aspects of a provider’s operations, including reliability, security, accountability, and liability. Additionally, other factors such as decentralization ethos, value-added services, customer service, and governance participation contribute to a separate “Value-Added Score,” although they are not mandatory for verification. Validators are required to pass a 75% success rate to achieve verification. Detailed information about the checks can be found in the documentation here, and the verification questionnaire can be accessed here.

      Finding Verified Staking Providers on SuiScan and MinaScan:

      SuiScan and MinaScan diligently tracks 1000s of validators on their website. On this page, stakers can monitor vital metrics related to validators, including total stake, delegations, fees, staking yield, self-bonded tokens, total delegated stake to a specific validator, uptime performance, and fees. However, without knowledge of their setup, this information may not suffice. This is where the VSP steps in, performing due diligence on behalf of stakers. Validators that successfully pass the program can be identified with the VSP Official checkmark.

      To find VSPs on SuiScan, follow these steps:

      • Go to the Suiscan validator page
      • Look for the VSP badge
      • Click on the Validator name and then click on the VSP badge to go to their profile on


      The Verified Staking Program by Staking Rewards brings newfound accountability and transparency to validators, assisting investors in making informed decisions among numerous staking providers. Discover more about SuiScan and MinaScan by exploring their Staking Rewards pages and witness the unparalleled benefits of the Verified Staking Program.

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