SwissBorg is a place to buy, sell, hold, or stake your crypto to grow your investment portfolio over time.

      Whether you are a trader, looking for a place to stake your cryptocurrency for income, or just looking to get some good yields on your money, SwissBorg has tools to help you. And you get a great mobile app for Apple or Android systems. Those looking to stake or those looking to trade cryptocurrencies will both find tools to help them achieve those goals.

      We are going to take a look at who they are, what they offer and why we work with them here at Staking Rewards.


      SwissBorg was founded in 2017 and ran a successful ICO during that time that raised $53 million USD. Their goal is simple: to get as many people to adopt cryptocurrency as possible and give them tools to manage their crypto investments easily.

      According to their LinkedIn profile, they have 116 employees and are based in Lausanne, Switzerland with part of the team in Tallinn, Estonia, and London. The company co-founders are Cyrus Fazel and Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux.

      With an office in Estonia and it being one of the most tech-savvy countries to do business, SwissBorg has a Virtual Currency License from Estonia and answers to regulators there.

      Services SwissBorg Offers

      SwissBorg offers three things. Cryptocurrency exchange services, the opportunity to earn a yield on your crypto, and their CHSB token. We will get into their token a little later.

      SwissBorg’s Smart Engine Crypto Exchange

      First, SwissBorg offers an easy way to buy crypto if you have one of the 16 fiats they support. Most of the fiat currencies SwissBorg supports are European although they support the Canadian Dollar and the South African Rand. One currency supported for exchange trades but NOT for deposits and withdrawals is the USD

      What makes SwissBorg’s offering different from an exchange like Bitstamp or Binance is their Smart Engine. The Smart Engine is a link from the SwissBorg app to 4 different exchanges (Binance, HitBTC, LMax Digital, and Kraken). The Smart Engine looks at the order books on all the exchanges to get you the best price for the crypto you want to buy. They offer 408 different trading pairs.

      If the pair you want is not available, SwissBorg will convert it for you into a pair that you can trade at a good price. Execution is a key component and complete transparency is the goal for the Smart Engine. SwissBorg charges a fee to process the trade but that’s the only income they make from the trade. They do not charge a spread on the execution price. Their Smart Exchange Report is a reporting feature to keep all your crypto information in one place and let you track transactions for tax or other purposes.

      This is a great service for traders and long-term hodlers alike as the trades are fast and filled at great prices.

      SwissBorg’s Smart Yield Wallets

      SwissBorg offers passive income opportunities on your crypto holdings through their Smart Yield wallets. Like with aggregating data from 4 exchanges in the Smart Engine, SwissBorg aggregates data here too. They make access to DeFi yield opportunities easy by having them available through the app.

      They offer a yield on in 7 cryptocurrencies. The 7 cryptos include 2 stablecoins (USDC and USDT), their CHSB token, BNB, XRP, BTC, and ETH. The current yield rates account holders earn (at the time of this writing) start at 3.98% p.a. for XRP up to 9.16% p.a. for the CHSB token. The stablecoins pay a competitive 8% p.a. Premium membership allows you to earn more interest than these stated rates, which we show you in a table below when we get into member benefits in more detail. These rates are fixed like bank savings accounts.

      A list of some of the yield rates SwissBorg offers

      And these accounts are popular. There are more than $720 million dollars in yield wallets at SwissBorg and the highest historical yield to have been offered is currently 37.55% p.a.

      You can invest using the SwissBorg app by either depositing one of the approved fiats to open your account by wire, SWIFT, SEPA, or other approved method OR you can deposit crypto too.

      SwissBorg Premium Member Benefits

      Membership has 3 levels. Those levels are Standard, Community Premium, and Genesis Premium.

      As you can see from this comparison, a couple of major differences are you can earn more by boosting your yield to 1.5x or 2x with a Premium membership and pay reduced exchange fees, which help both traders and yield seekers. To get to those levels, you must stake CHSB for a year.

      Who Benefits Most Using SwissBorg?

      SwissBorg targets 2 groups: Traders and Yield Seekers. Although they have different needs and tools they use to make money, SwissBorg helps both groups to grow their crypto holdings.

      Tools for Traders

      Traders, as a group, are looking to trade in and out of various cryptos based on fundamental or technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is underlying information about the cryptocurrency. For example, are they growing their base of developers who work on the crypto? Or has user adoption increased? These are questions about the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency. Technical analysis believes that everything there is to know about how a cryptocurrency (or other assets) is doing in the marketplace is reflected in the price charts.

      Technical traders look at chart patterns and price information since many patterns tend to repeat themselves over time. One technical indicator that has made its way into conversations in the conventional financial world is moving averages. This is a trendline of the average price over X number of periods. Many look at 50-day moving averages for intermediate trends and the 200-day moving average for long-term trends. Short-term traders will look at smaller period averages than 50 days. But they are not the only averages or technical indicators used.

      SwissBorg Tools

      SwissBorg has some great tools for traders that are unique. Here are some of the tools they offer:

      • Cyborg Predictor
      • SwissBorg Indicator
      • Community Sentiment
      • Support and Resistance

      The Cyborg Predictor is a machine learning algorithm that helps predict where a crypto might go in the next 24 hours for short-term traders.

      The SwissBorg Indicator is a proprietary tool that incorporates many popular technical analysis tools like moving averages, accumulation/distribution, RSI, and Bollinger Bands to give you a view of current trends of the crypto of your choice.

      The Community Sentiment indicators look at the SwissBorg community to see how many are buying vs how many are selling to give you an idea about how the community feels about that particular cryptocurrency.

      Support and Resistance points are vital for traders to understand where breakouts for profitable trades could occur versus when an asset is trading within a range that is non-trending. SwissBorg provides this tool to all members.

      Tools for Yield Seekers

      When we talk about yield seekers that SwissBorg targets, there are two types. SwissBorg is going after the passive investor who just wants to put their money to work but also help the DeFi yield farmer. Yield farmers are those who search many DeFi apps to find the best rates or best risk/return ratios for their money and constantly (actively) move their money around from app to app and crypto to crypto.

      Passive investors will like that they can easily pick a crypto and a yield rate without having to go to AAVE, Compound, Sushiswap, PancakeSwap or centralized platforms like BlockFi or Nexo and compare and contrast yield rates paid on various cryptocurrencies.

      Yield farmers will like that SwissBorg scans many apps looking for yield for you so you don’t have to. They make it easy and all from the same place in the Smart Yield wallet. One last benefit they offer that you can’t get if you go to the DeFi app directly is their Safety Net Program. The Safety Net Program was launched with $1 million in CHSB tokens, and is designed to be used to offset against smart contract risk. Then the insurance pool pays out if one of these events takes place. If you are managing your own risk, then you can account for this yourself. But if you want it simple and easy, SwissBorg helps make that happen.

      SwissBorg’s Competition

      SwissBorg has different competitors for different services they offer. 

      For their Smart Engine, both exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp, and CeFi lending platforms like BlockFi and Nexo that enable crypto purchases are competition for this service. The exchanges tend to have better pricing than someone like BlockFi does. The Smart Engine negates most of a single exchange’s advantage by being linked to 4 exchanges at once.

      For the Smart Yield program, the primary competition is:

      1. CeFi apps
      2. DeFi apps
      3. Other Staking services

      SwissBorg offers less centralization than most of the CeFi apps, better convenience and choices than a DeFi, and a better overall set of options on how to invest your money than other staking services. It’s the combination of these service offerings that makes SwissBorg unique.


      One important aspect of crypto platforms is security. How do they keep your funds secure?

      Crypto wallets have private keys that have to be managed, which is like knowing your login and password to access your bank account. SwissBorg uses Curv for its wallet management and security. Curv is the leader in MPC (multi-party computation) keyless technology. MPC is like a multi-signature wallet, but safer as the multiple parties each own a portion of the key and only the parts together can open up the wallet for transactions. Curv also helps SwissBorg as custodians of your digital assets.

      The CHSB Token (the SwissBorg Token)

      Some DeFi and CeFi apps have their own token and some don’t. SwissBorg does with a successful ICO they did in 2017 to raise funds for development. You can deposit your fiat and buy CHSB directly from SwissBorg. CHSB is an ERC-20 token. You can also stake it, which is a requirement if you want to move up to one of the Premium programs and earn more on your money. CHSB currently does 5 things that help your portfolio grow:

      1. Protect and Burn: 20% of SwissBorg’s revenue is used to buy and burn existing CHSB tokens decreasing the supply and making the CHSB you hold more valuable
      2. Membership: To move up the member tiers to earn a higher yield OR pay lower exchange fees or both, you must hold the CHSB token
      3. Exclusive Access: there will be some new tools or new features you will be able to access if you hold the CHSB token
      4. Voting Rights: as with staking other tokens, when you own some you have voting rights so you can help encourage smart growth of the ecosystem
      5. Governance: Aside from voting rights, with the CHSB you can participate in the DAO. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) goals are to get the founding team out of the decision making and governance process for what’s good for the SwissBorg ecosystem and have the community decide. Within the DAO, anyone can submit a proposal and the community decides if it’s worthy of a full vote or not. And the currency of the DAO is CHSB.

      CHSB Tokenomics

      Here are some of the metrics on the CHSB token. The total circulating supply is ~704 million at a price of 73c each for a total market value of $513,920,000. Of these 704 million, we have:

      • 6.8 million have already been burned (Protect and burn feature)
      • 170 million staked (24% of circulating supply)
      • 332 million currently in the Smart Yield program (47% of circulating supply)
      • 194 million in circulating supply

      So what you can see from these metrics are that the protect and burn policy is active and going well. Many have chosen to stake CHSB to earn interest on it and many others (almost half) are in the same Smart Yield program that you could use with USDC or BTC too.


      SwissBorg is a quality platform for investment, trading, staking, or a crypto savings account. The Smart Engine makes trading or just buying and selling easy and inexpensive. The Smart Yield wallet lets you earn actively in the DeFi market or passively with a fixed interest rate. Their own CHSB token and staking options give you the chance to earn more and pay lower fees. SwissBorg is decentralizing with their own DAO and building community there and within the wealth app too. What SwissBorg does is offer a few different services, and does them very well.

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