We are super happy to announce the first beta version of the new Staking Rewards Website.

      Check it out at stakingrewards.com

      It implies a full rebrand, new layout, new design and tons of amazing new metrics, data, features and functionalities.

      We have been iterating the new version for quite some time and have put a lot of effort in researching the most valuable content and features for the crypto and staking community. Today we are glad to show you the very first version of it.

      The new website is fully responsive and you can even add it to your mobile homescreen by clicking the “Add to HomeScreen” inside the Browser Settings.

      The most comprehensive Staking Calculator

      The most powerful feature of the new version is a new calculator that enables highly individual and comprehensive estimations for staking returns. The results are to be seen as predictions based on your personal inputs as well as the current specifications and economics of the protocol.

      Our data and calculations have been completely revamped and are more accurate than ever.

      The general flow of the tool is as following:

      Basic Options:

      1. Choose your Asset
      2. Choose your Reward Option
      3. Choose your Amount


      1. Choose your Staking Duration
      2. Choose your Staking Provider Fee / Monthly Hardware Cost
      3. Choose to compound or not
      4. Choose the Asset Price

      Advanced Options:

      1. Define asset-specific network metrics

      For most assets the metrics include the Total Staked %, the Daily Network Rewards (Transaction Fees spent within the Network per Day), the Block Time and many more.

      -> https://www.stakingrewards.com/calculator/

      New Main Table

      We have adjusted the metrics presented inside the main table to provide a better overview of the general market and rewards to our users.

      Reward: The estimated Annual Return on Investment when participating in staking

      Share: The estimated Annual Increase in the individual network’s share when participating in staking

      Total Staked: Percentage of all coins in the network currently participating in staking

      Scoring: Presenting the current scoring system in a high-level visualization

      Mini Chart: Presenting a 7 Day Price Change of all assets

      Individual Asset Page

      The cryptocurrency profiles do all have a hero element with the most relevant information available.

      Further details and information are sectioned into different tabs.

      The Overview Tab has a quick FAQ about the asset, the features and external links. We will add a price / MarketCap / volume chart into the overview soon.

      The Staking Tab provides information about the different options to earn passive income with the asset. The Staking FAQ and Dive Deeper Links enable great understanding how to participate. Charts will also be added here.

      Additional Tabs for all the relevant network metrics and available providers will be added as sections soon.

      -> e.g. https://www.stakingrewards.com/asset/tezos


      The Glossary is an extensive knowledge base for everything crypto and staking. We do have 228 entries so far and will continue to extend it. With the Filtering into Categories it is easy to navigate the information.

      -> https://www.stakingrewards.com/glossary

      What is coming next?

      We will continue to operate the old website as long as the new version is in beta stage. Until the full launch and transition of the new version into our official domain, a lot of great features will be added. New features will include but are not bound to:

      • The Staking Provider Overview Table
      • Staking Provider Profile Pages
      • Global Charts for macro-scale analytics
      • All articles, tutorials and research will be fully integrated into the Page
      • Full Cross-Browser Compatibility
      • New Rating/Scoring System
      • Covering of 100+ assets

      Open Call for Feedback

      Staking Rewards is a Research Platform built to empower users to informed decision making for their passive income portfolio.

      Please let us know your thoughts, feedback and if you would like to see any specific features on the site.

      You can contact us via Twitter, Telegram or Discord.

      About The Author

      Staking Rewards Research

      is a team of analysts dedicated to analyzing the economics, profitability, risks, and yield potential of various cryptocurrencies.