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      The staking market is growing at a steady pace, while the overall market has been calm. No Proof of Stake network has lost any significant staking commitments from investors within the last week.

      In fact, there have been $160M in net aggregated staked value across all Proof of Stake networks being added in the last week. Surprisingly, Waves led the charge here with a net staking inflow of $107M, which accounts for a 5.1% positive change. Tron has even grown their total number of staked tokens by 6.1%. The biggest percentage growth we have seen with Anchor Protocol at 14% over the last week.

      The numbers suggest a strong growth trajectory for the overall staking market and temporary crypto bottom with a positive aggregated net staking flow. At Staking Rewards we are excited to see the staking industry mature, while we are very cautious at the same time. The idea of a multi-chain world strongly depends upon local innovation. The following weeks will likely be path-breaking with the merge of Ethereum 2.0, and other networks being required to demonstrate strength beyond piggy-backing off Ethereum’s current limitations. We are excited to see that unfolding and remain very positive on differentiated Layer 1 approaches, as well as Layer 2 networks such as Starkware.

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      Ethereum just successfully merged in the first big public testnet

      As shared by @dapplion on Twitter, who is an ETH2.0 Core Developer at Lodestar, the Ethereum Merge occurred on March 15th. Next on the agenda is to merge the existing POW testnets.

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      Ethereum Emissions after Merge

      Ethereum will undergo a 90% cut of daily emissions. The Yearly inflation will go down from 4.3% to 0.43% the equivalent of three halvenings at once!

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      Biden Signed Executive Order on Crypto

      President Biden signed an executive order on cryptocurrency, focusing on consumer protection and the exploration of creating a US CBDC.

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      Returned “proof-of-work ban’ in EU crypto markets bill fails in committee The ECON committee of the EU Parliament just voted against the de-facto POW-ban. 32 voted against the ban and were 24 in favor.

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      StarkWare set to hit $6 billion valuation in a new funding round

      The Israeli blockchain company is set to raise at least $100 million after receiving $50 million at a $2 billion valuation in a Series C last November. Among other things, the funds will likely be used to set up the company’s own staking service.

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      Staking Assets

      LUNA is now the largest Proof of Stake network

      LUNA has overtaken SOL and has now the highest Staking market cap.

      Only 10 days ago, LUNA overtook Ethereum ETH and hasn’t stopped since. Find on Staking Rewards

      Polygon network back up with a ‘temporary fix’ after eight-hour stoppage

      Ethereum scaling project Polygon’s blockchain network was down for roughly eight hours last night due to a technical upgrade that went wrong. The network has now been restored with a “temporary hotfix,” according to a tweet from the company.

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      Avalanche goes Multiverse

      The Avalanche Foundation introduced Multiverse, an $290m incentive program for accelerating Subnets growth and new ecosystems launching on Avalanche.

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      Anchor Reserve keeps Growing

      After the LFG members voted to burn $4.2m LUNA for UST, the Terraform Labs donated $12m additional of LUNA to the LFG treasury.

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      dYdX Mobile App Beta Famous DEX dYdX launched a mobile trading app for some of the iOS users.

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      Evmos Upgrade Drama

      The Evmos upgrade caused problems due to rushed deployment. The network remains halted while the team going to decides if the network will continue with the current block or roll back to genesis.

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      Staking Providers

      Ethereum Staking Protocol Swell Raises $3.75M

      A new staking protocol has joined the ranks of projects helping investors get staking rewards for stashing their ether. The Swell team announced Monday a $3.75 million seed round co-led by Framework, IOSG Ventures and Apollo Capital.

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      Rocket Pool’s node operator page is now live

      People interested in becoming node operators can now see what they can earn and also see their costs. With The Merge coming, it has never been a better time to become a node operator.

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      What’s new on Staking Rewards?

      ?450k $MNTL Stakedrop to the Staking Rewards Community

      We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with AssetMantle to bring 450K $MNTL to the Staking Rewards HEARTS community. If you have 100 HEARTS, you can claim now! For more info, read this article or watch this video tutorial.

      ? Users can report inaccurate Data

      Users are given the opportunity to report incorrect data. Now you can actively participate in the accuracy of Staking Rewards and inform our Research Team directly in case of anomalies.

      ? Know of a PoS/Staking Project that is launching soon?

      Users can now add Assets to our Launching Soon calendar and let other Staking Rewards users know! In addition, our Research Team will keep an eye on these to be as complete as possible.

      ? New Journal Tutorial

      Learn how to maximize your returns staking at The Graph $GRT

      In this tutorial, we cover:

      ✅ Staking GRT using a non-custodial wallet

      ✅ Staking your GRT on Binance

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      Your ultimate visual guide on how to stake $FLOW

      We cover what Flow is, how much can you earn from staking FLOW and what do you need to stake it.

      ✅ How much can you earn from staking FLOW?

      ✅ What do you need to stake FLOW?

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      ?New Staking Mondays Episode

      We welcomed Michael Kong, CEO/CIO of Fantom to the show. Fantom is a highly scalable blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications.

      In this episode, we talked about:

      • Native Liquid Staking
      • Andre Cronje leaving Crypto
      • EVM and L2 Competition
      • The grand vision for Fantom

      Watch the full episode here!

      For all Staking Monday’s episodes, watch on YouTube and listen on Spotify. Make sure to subscribe to keep up to date on the latest trends in the staking industry.

      ? High-Quality Posts

      Our Head of Business Development Marian Walter researched the distribution of Crypto ETPs.

      You can read what he found out. Read Crypto ETPs Thread

      Staking Rewards is hiring Researchers & Engineers

      We are looking for proactive, intelligent, and determined people to join our team across all functions. Positions are fully remote.

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