Staking Rewards is the central information hub and leading data aggregator for the crypto staking industry. At Staking Rewards, we believe that cryptocurrencies combined with yield-bearing strategies like staking will allow everyone in the world to establish sustainable passive income streams. We are on a mission to increase transparency, reduce barriers to entry and enable private users to become financially independent. There are many things that you can do on, but here are our top 5:

      1. Track Crypto Assets by Staking MarketCap

      On the home page of, you will see the top 10 crypto assets by staking market capitalization.

      What does ‘Staking Market Cap’ mean?

      The staking market cap refers to the total USD value of all tokens on that network that are participating in staking. Think of it as the total dollar value that is being contributed to support network security and decentralization. The higher it is, the better.

      How should I interpret this?

      The staking market cap is best interpreted by comparing it to the floating market capitalization of the token. By doing a simple calculation, you will get the Staking Ratio:

      Staking Ratio = (Staking Market Cap / Floating Market Cap)*100

      This tells us the % of eligible tokens that are being staked. The higher this % is, the better it is for the network as more of its token holders are deciding to stake their crypto on the network. This contributes to the security and decentralization of the network and also signals to the market that the token holders are making the decision to lock up their tokens. If most token holders are willing to lock up their tokens, it reduces the circulating float that is being traded on markets and could be interpreted as a bullish metric.

      What is considered good?

      A good staking ratio typically exceeds 50%. The staking ratio can be viewed on the home page:

      2. Compare yields among crypto assets

      Staking Rewards uses real-time blockchain data to estimate the staking yield that can be earned on different coins. 

      What does ‘Staking Yield’ mean?

      The staking yield represents the annual rewards you can earn on a coin.

      How does this benefit me?

      This column can be used to compare the staking yields that are available on different coins. It is a great way to look at which income-producing assets are available and makes it easier to build a diversified portfolio.

      How do I see more information about a specific token?

      If you would like to see more staking information on a project, simply click on their name on the homepage or search for them in the top right-hand corner. Once you go onto the projects page, you can find more details like the:

      • Risk (How risky is this token – according to our research experts)
      • Staking complexity (How complex is it to stake – according to our research experts)
      • Reward (The annualized reward rate)
      • Adj. Reward (The annualized reward rate adjusted for the networks inflation)
      • Minimum (The minimum amount of tokens to stake on the network)
      • Lock Up (The period for which your tokens are not accessible while staking)
      • Avg. Fee (The average commission rate of staking providers)
      • Staking Ratio (The % of tokens utilizing this reward option)

      3. Staking Calculator

      Our staking calculator helps you to calculate your earnings over any given time period. 

      How does this benefit me?

      The staking calculator is a great way to estimate how much you can earn on a coin over your investment horizon. The calculator has advanced options to account for staking provider fees, compounding options, and the number of days you want to stake your crypto.

      Using the staking calculator to build an income portfolio

      The staking calculator is a great tool to build a blended portfolio made of different staking assets. Assuming that you would like to have 5 assets in your portfolio and that you would like to work out how much you will earn per annum from the staking rewards on this portfolio, you have a total of $5000 to invest.

      1. Go to the homepage of and choose 5 staking assets from there.
        1. For the sake of this example, we will be choosing SOL, DOT, ADA, AVAX, and BNB.
      2. Assume that you invest $1000 in each asset
      3. Go to the staking calculator page
      4. Work out how much you will earn over 1 year with $1000 invested in each asset
        1. SOL – $53.91
        2. DOT – $141.12
        3. ADA – $173.8
        4. AVAX – $86.29
        5. BNB – $50.56
      5. Sum all of these values and divide that by $5000, this will give you the expected return over the next year (Based on current prices and staking yields)
        1. Sum = $457.16
        2. Expected Return = 9.14%
      6. Now you have an income-producing portfolio!

      4. Get access to in-depth research, news, and educational content

      Our Journal page has a variety of content that covers deep dives into different projects, reviews, tutorials, interviews, news, and the popular ‘State of the Stake’. Our journal page is a great place to learn about new projects, learn how to stake different tokens, watch interviews with the leading minds in the industry, and keep up with developing narratives.

      Why you should keep your eye on the journal

      The journal is a repository of research that can help you on your investing journey and keep you up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Our industry is growing at such a speed that it’s near-impossible for an individual to keep up with all the developments that are happening. We have a dedicated team of research analysts that write high-quality research reports on different projects and industry narratives, take some time every week to read these reports to grow your knowledge and understanding!

      5. Choosing the right validator

      Staking Rewards has gone the extra mile to make it as easy, and safe as possible for stakers to choose the right validator. Our Staking Providers page lists over two hundred different staking providers along with various details about these providers.  

      How to analyze a Staking Provider

      Click on any of the Staking Providers’ names and it will take you to their page where you can find more details on:

      • About
      • Staked value
      • Users
      • Supported assets
      • Journals
      • Community reviews

      Use this page to compare different Staking Providers and find one that suits your needs. Staking Rewards has taken choosing a Staking Provider one step further by introducing our Verified Staking Provider program to make it easier for our community to make an informed choice.

      Verified Staking Providers

      The Verified Provider Program (VPP) is an initiative to increase trust and transparency in the staking industry by verifying that Providers meet a set of criteria, including but not limited to, risk management, longevity, and security measures. Historically, selecting a staking provider has been difficult for two reasons:

      1. It is difficult to determine which providers will be trustworthy and reliable in the future
      2. In most cases, it’s not transparent whether or not a given company follows industry best practices. It was also very difficult for regular users to determine if these businesses were legitimate or not.

      The VPP is there to help investors on their staking journey by providing them with a group of staking providers that meet the highest standards in the staking industry. Staking Rewards deems providers that successfully pass the program trustworthy enough to offer dependable, secure services.

      Our Verified Providers are identified with a blue tick

      How do we determine which Staking Providers are safe?

      The VPP offers a self-regulatory platform for providers to safely exchange details about their business practices and security configuration. Our team then assesses and verifies – on-chain where applicable – the provided information based on predetermined standards and best practices for the staking industry. We conduct extensive due diligence in the following areas of the Staking Provider’s operations:

      • Reliability
      • Security
      • Accountability
      • Liability

      In addition, we also calculate a “Value-Added Score” that considers things like customer service, value-added services that they offer, decentralization ethos, and governance participation. While not necessary for verification, this raises the bar for staking providers.

      Where can I see a comprehensive list of Verified Staking Providers?

      A comprehensive list can be found on the ‘Staking Providers’ page under the ‘Verified Provider’ tab:


      Staking Rewards is a trusted data provider that has no affiliation to any stakeholders in the industry. We are a group of Staking professionals that provide transparent and reliable staking-related data to help Staking Providers, investors, and protocols alike. We are on a mission to increase trust and transparency in the staking industry while fostering decentralization as a core value. Join us on our journey to build a decentralized, open, and transparent financial community for all!

      About The Author

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