Trusted Staking Data API Release and Promotion

      Staking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking, crypto-growth rates and yield-bearing assets.

      We have been researching and curating stakeable crypto assets for over 3 years and made the data available via since early 2018.

      Our diverse data set allows investors to compare over 100 yield-bearing crypto assets and over 50 staking providers based on their attractiveness to stake and earn passive income.

      This data of all the relevant staking metrics is enriched, optimized and maintained every single day from our dedicated Staking Research Team.

      As of now we are making this rich data available via our professional API solution.

      For the initial launch we are rolling out 2 plans.

      We provide endpoints for staking assets and global staking data via our Basic Plan from €99 per month

      And the endpoints for reward options and staking providers are made available via our Start-Up Plan from €599 per month.

      For the individual rate limits, license and other plans, please take a look here

      If you may need a custom license, please contact us directly via email.

      API Launch Promotion

      To celebrate the API release with you, we are exclusively offering a 50% discount on the first 6 month for every annual subscription made before the 15.04.2020.

      Basic Plan: €49 for the first 6 month and €99 afterwards

      Start-Up Plan: €299 for the first 6 month and €599 afterwards

      Data Endpoints

      Staking Assets

      The Staking Assets endpoint serves the most recent reward rates, reward changes, adjusted rewards, score, consensus types, tokens staked and total staked %.

      Reward Options

      The Reward Options endpoint serves all reward options for an asset including reward rates, compounded reward rates, adjusted reward rates, lock-up times, staking requirements and default reward frequency. If the default provider fee is given, the reward is already deducted by that.

      Staking Providers

      The Staking Providers endpoint serves a list of all staking providers for an asset with their commission and reward rates for staking, hosting and lending services.

      Verified Staking Providers serve the most accurate data.

      Global Data

      The Global Data Endpoint serves metrics that apply to the Proof of Stake Ecosystem as a whole.

      Reward Calculator Widget

      Additionally to the raw data we are rolling out a Staking Reward Calculator Widget. This widget makes it ridiculously easy to implement a comprehensive Reward Calculator into your website. With the configuration of the widget you can define many parameters that match your individual needs.

      We are planning to launch this widget very soon.

      Basic Widget

      The Basic Reward Calculator Widget allows to calculate the daily, monthly and yearly earnings for one of our 100s listed stakeable crypto assets. You may individually configure the widget to toggle between compounded and non-compounded rewards, show the reward rate, default input value, headline and deduct your staking commission from the calculation.

      This Widget is free for everyone, but with the Basic API Plan you can benefit from special support for the widget.

      Premium Widget

      The Premium Reward Calculator Widget allows to calculate the daily, monthly and yearly earnings for all stakeable crypto assets with all possible reward options and with every listed Staking Provider.

      You may individually configure the assets shown in the widget, the default Staking Provider and all the configurations from the basic widget.

      This Widget is exclusively available via our Start-Up API Plan.

      To use the API / Widget and implement staking rewards data into your application or product, contact us under [email protected] or directly fill out the application to get your API key here.

      About The Author

      Mirko Schmiedl

      is the CEO & Co-Founder at Staking Rewards. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 class and raised over $4M to advance Staking Rewards on its mission to make Staking easy for everyone.