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      Following the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and subsequent humanitarian crisis, crypto markets have first been hesitant to take a stance on the situation. As of yesterday, we have seen a significant surge in Bitcoin, which now trades at a $20k premium to the official Russian Ruble rate. While the gold price remains more or less stable, crypto is demonstrating real strength and utility. The Ukraine government has also already raised $20M in cryptocurrencies.

      The global staking market has surged nearly 20% in the last week. The cumulative net staking flow across all assets has added $640M.

      Terra is once again leading the net staking inflow with over $430M added. Following the $1bn private sale of LUNA tokens to Jump Crypto and Three Arrows Capital, the Terra network has now surpassed Cardano and Ethereum in Staking Marketcap. Thus Terra is now the second biggest Proof of Stake network after Solana. At the same time, the total tokens staked on the Terra-based project Mirror Protocol, have increased by 45% in the last week.

      Other winners in net staking inflow have been Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum, and Near, while on the other hand Avalanche, Cosmos, and Algorand have lost the most value in staked tokens over the last week.

      Another pathbreaking event of the week has been the launch of Superfluid Staking on Osmosis, which certainly marks a significant milestone in the Proof of Stake history. For the first time ever can LP tokens be further utilized to stake and contribute to the security of the network.

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      Staking Intelligence

      Superfluid Staking is live on Osmosis Chain

      Superfluid Staking allows liquidity providers of e.g. OSMO/ATOM to natively stake their LP tokens and contribute to the security of the network. Read more.

      Luna Foundation Guard raises $1 billion to form Bitcoin reserve for UST stablecoin

      Jump Crypto and Three Arrows Capital led the private sale of $1bn worth of $LUNA tokens. Read more.

      Interchain Accounts Will Take Cosmos Interoperability to the Next Level

      Interchain Accounts will go live with the next Cosmos Theta Upgrade within Q1 2022. Interchain Accounts will allow anyone to initiate transactions from one blockchain and be executed in another blockchain. Read more

      300,000 Validator on the Ethereum Beacon Chain

      The amount of Ethereum staked has been steadily increasing, and it now stands at 9,570,639 ETH. With 32ETH per Validator, the network’s total number of validator nodes has now reached 299,085. Keep in mind that one staking provider can operate multiple validators. Thus validator numbers are not comparable to most other Proof of Stake chains.

      See the Ethereum 2.0 Staking Rewards Profile.

      Polygon Launches the first dApp “style library”

      Finity offers tried-and-tested assets, elements, and templates with a focus on 3D design. Its visual library allows for elements to be used individually or with each other, in perfect harmony.

      Read more

      CRO is now Cronos Formerly known as “Crypto.org Coin”, CRO’s rebrand reflects the decentralization of the coin and tremendous growth of Cronos ecosystem

      Read more

      InfStones Raises $33M Series B, Launches Powerful AWS-like Self-Service Platform for Web3 Apps

      InfStones announced the close of $33 million in Series B financing from Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Dragonfly Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, DHVC, A&T, INCE Capital, and Value Internet Fund.

      Read more

      Rocket Pool now runs 1% of all eth2 validators

      Rocket Pool, an Eth2 staking provider, now accounts for 1% of Ethereum’s network validators just three months after launching.

      Read more

      KIRA Partners with Clover Finance to Enable Non-Custodial Cross-Chain Staking

      KIRA and Clover Finance enter a strategic partnership to enable liquid, non-custodial staking of digital assets issued and available via Clover Finance apps and extensions to be staked on KIRA.

      Read more

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      Staking Mondays

      Staking Mondays Podcast with NuCypher

      This week we were joined by MacLane Wilkison – the co-founder and CEO of NuCypher, a data privacy layer for blockchain and decentralized applications. He is also a major contributor to Threshold Network.

      We dived into:

      • Future of Privacy Tokens
      • Issues with multi-chain bridges
      • How much Bitcoin will be bridged to Ethereum
      • Decentralized Mergers

      Watch the full episode here!

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